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Oak breaks Detroit Lakes boys swimming record

Laker Quillan Oak is in the midst of breaking the DLHS?100-yard breaststroke record Saturday during the DL?Invite inside the BTD?Aquatics Center.

For 17 years, the Detroit Lakes boys' 100-yard breaststroke record -- set in 1992 by Erin Rogers -- stood strong.

Record, meet Laker freshman Quillan Oak -- who eclipsed Rogers' record and set the new meet mark in the breaststroke with his time of 1:03.31.

Oak won the event handily Saturday, with Perham senior Luke Hofland coming in second place with a 1:04.96.

The record-breaking performance set a nice tone for the Lakers at their DL Invite inside the BTD Aquatics Center, as the host squad finished third out of five teams with a score of 287.

"The boys had an excellent meet and I was very pleased with their performances overall," said DL head coach Rian Heimark. "Everyone swam excellent races and they posted 31 personal-best times."

Another meet record fell, as sophomore diver Jon Melgaard scored a 216.85 to win that event.

His teammates -- sophomores Justin George and Aaron Colby -- helped sweep the top three spots, earning second and third-place finishes, respectively.

"Jon Melgaard, Justin George, Aaron Colby and Vaughn Johnson (sixth place) once again scored some very key points for the team by taking the top three diving medals, in addition to sixth place," Heimark said.

The 400 freestyle relay team of Michael Bogda, Travis King, Brandon Olson and Oak swam for a silver with a mark of 3:42.62.

The 200-medley relay nabbed a bronze with their time of 1:53.99. The foursome included Bogda, Oak, Olson and Zach Conklin.

Other third-place finishers included Olson (500 freestyle), Cody Johnson (100 backstroke) and Oak (200 individual medley).

The competition was tough, as Bemidji won with a 354 and Perham finished second at 292. A total of eight Laker Invite records were broken, along with a pool record and Oak's school record.

Tuesday's home meet against Morris was postponed to a later date due to frigid temperatures.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes Invite in the BTD Aquatics Center, Saturday, Jan. 10.

Team results: Bemidji 354, Perham 292, Detroit Lakes 287, Thief River Falls 228, Park Rapids 203.

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 3. DL A (Michael Bogda, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Zach Conklin) 1:53.99; 8. DL B (Cody Johnson, Travis King, Dameon Rozek, Cody Okeson) 2:10.39; 11. DL C (Carter Krengel, Justin George, Alex Renner, Ben Langworthy) 2:20.77; 12. DL D (Jordan George, Vaughn Johnson, Logan Peterick, NA) 2:35.88...200 freestyle: 4. Olson 2:03.17; 11. Jon Melgaard 2:15.02; 12. Brady Eilertson 2:22.53...200 individual medley: 3. Oak 2:12.17; 7. King 2:35.77; 11. C. Johnson 2:41.39...50 freestyle: 4. Bogda 24.19; 6. Conklin 25.18; 16. Dillon Cole 28.31; 17. Cody Okeson 28.61; 18. Isaac Pazdernik 28.85; 19. Carter Krengel 29.28; 21. Justin George 29.97; 23. Ben Langworthy 30.44; 31. Jordan George 33.67...Diving: 1. Melgaard 216.85; 2. Justin George 155.15; 3. Aaron Colby 150.70; 6. V. Johnson 103.30...100 butterfly: 8. Rozek 1:17.62...100 freestyle: 5. Bogda 54.75; 12. Eilertson 1:03.22; 16. Alex Renner 1:06.39; 17. Pazdernik 1:08.20; 18. Cole 1:08.23; 20. Okeson 1:09.14; 24. Peterick 1:12.25; 26. Langworthy 1:14.11...500 freestyle: 3. Olson 5:36.09; 6. King 6:11.01; 11. Rozek 6:46.03...200 freestyle relay: 5. DL A (Conklin, Eilertson, Melgaard, Okeson) 1:50.15; 9. DL B (Colby, Cole, Langworthy, Renner) 1:58.15; 11. DL C (Clem Foltz, Jordan George, Pazdernik, Peterick) 2:07.88...100 backstroke: 3. C. Johnson 1:12.13; 10. Colby 1:24.40; 12. Renner 1:26.93...100 breaststroke: 1. Oak 1:03.31; 6. Conklin 1:16.64; 15. Krengel 1:36.82...400 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Bogda, Olson, King, Oak) 3:42.62; 7. DL B (Eilertson, C. Johnson, Melgaard, Rozek) 4:16.06; 11. DL C (Jordan George, V. Johnson, Krengel, Peterick) 4:53.67; 12. DL D (Colby, Cole, Justin George, Pazdernik) 4:54.98.