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Level 7 Minnesota Flyer gymnasts compete in first meet of season

The Minnesota Flyers who competed in the University of Minnesota Invitational included (L?to R)?Ilse Rue, Maddie Rue, Kyley Foster, Thia Olds and Jordyn Peterson.

The Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics team competed in the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher Invitational Sunday, with some good results.

It was the first Level 7 event for the Flyers, with all five gymnasts earning medals.

"The highlight of the meet was Mathia Olds and Jordyn Peterson tying for first place on the balance beam (with an 8.825)," said Flyers' head coach Sith Hansana. "All the girls did very well for their first meet."

Olds finished third overall in the all-around category in the Junior division (9-12 years old), with a 34.675. She also placed second overall on bars with a 9.025.

Maddie Rue snagged a bronze on floor with her 9.2 score, while Kyley Foster was fourth on beam with an 8.55.

In the Senior division (13-plus), Ilse Rue was eighth in all around with a 30.4, while taking sixth on vault with an 8.425.

All of Rue's finishes were top 10, with an eighth on floor (8.0) and a pair of ninth-place finishes on bars (6.9) and beam (7.075).

The Flyers will be in Sioux Falls, S.D., Saturday, with Levels 5-7 taking part.

Flyer results

Minnesota Flyers at the University of Minnesota Gopher Invitational meet, Sunday, Jan. 11.

Flyers Junior (9-12 years-old) results -- Vault: 8. Maddie Rue 8.5; 10. Jordyn Peterson 8.325; 12. Kyley Foster 8.1; 13. Mathia Olds 8.05...Bars: 2. Olds 9.025; 10. Foster 8.0; 11. Rue 7.9; 12. Peterson 7.0....Beam: T-1. Olds and Peterson 8.825; 4. Foster 8.55; 12. Rue 7.275...Floor: 3. Rue 9.2; 4. Peterson 9.15; 6. Foster 8.875; 10. Olds 8.775...All-around: 3. Olds 34.675; 9. Foster 33.525; 10. Peterson 33.3; 12. Rue 32.875.

Flyers Senior (13-plus) results -- Vault: 6. Ilse 8.425...Bars: 9. I. Rue 6.9...Beam: 9. I. Rue 7.075...Floor: 8. I. Rue 8.0...All-around: 8. I. Rue 30.4.