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Swimmers pull off Mid-State victory

The Detroit Lakes boys' swimming and diving team boosted its value in the Mid-State Conference with a strong showing in Park Rapids Tuesday, winning 103-79.

The Lakers won six of the individual events and two of the relays on their way to a conference win.

DL also finished sixth in the True Team section meet with 901 points. Willmar won the meet with 1,335 points, followed by Melrose/Sauk Centre with 1,309.

"We are now looking forward to a much-needed week's worth of good practices in order to improve our times once again," said DL head coach Rian Heimark.

Freshman Quillan Oak won the 200 freestyle Tuesday with a 1:57.64, while also taking the 100 breaststroke with a 1:05.24.

Michael Bogda finished first in both the 50 and 100 freestyle races, with marks of 24.91 and 56.02, respectively, while Brandon Olson was victorious in the 100 butterfly with a 1:5.69.

In diving, Jon Melgaard was once again the top point scorer with 208.25 points.

The two relay events that DL won were the 200-medley relay and the 400 freestyle.

The 200-medley foursome included Matt Weiss, Oak, Olson and Zach Conklin with a 1:54.97.

The 400 freestyle team was compromised of Bogda, Olson, Matt Weiss and Oak with a time of 3:48.32.

In the True Team meet, DL had a couple of swimmers drop time.

"Our biggest time drops came from three of our 500 swimmers," Heimark said.

Travis King shaved off 15 seconds in the 500 to qualify for the section meet, while Dameon Rozek and Clem Foltz each dropped 20 seconds in the event.

Melgaard took gold in diving, while Oak earned silver in the breaststroke and a bronze in the individual medley.

"The great thing about the True Team meet is every swimmer and diver on the team scored points to contribute to the overall team score," Heimark said. "I believe that this really helps the less-experienced swimmer see how important they are on the team."

The Lakers will be at Bemidji Tuesday for a 6 p.m. start.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at Park Rapids, Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Lakers 103, Panthers 79

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 1. DL A (Matt Weiss, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Zach Conklin) 1:54.97; 3. DL B (Cody Johnson, Travis King, Alex Renner, Carter Krengel) 2:16.47; 5. DL C (Aaron Colby, Justin George, Logan Peterick, Jordan George) 2:23.86...200 freestyle: 1. Oak 1:57.64; 4. Dameon Rozek 2:20.11; 5. Brady Eilertson 2:26.07...200 IM: 2. Matt Weiss 2:31.31; 3. Travis King 2:43.60...50 freestyle: 1. Michael Bogda 24.91; 4. Jon Melgaaard 27.29; 6. Carter Krengel 30.01...Diving: 1. Melgaard 208.25; 2. Justin George 156.85; 3. Colby 148.15...100 butterfly: 1. Brandon Olson 1:05.69; 3. Rozek 1:16.58; 4. Renner 1:22.98...100 freestyle: 1. Bogda 56.02; 3. Conklin 58.34; 5. Johnson 1:04.34...500 freestyle: 3. Olson 5:52.47; 4. King 6:18.31; 5. Clem Foltz 7:22.77...200 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Conklin, Melgaard, King, Bogda) 1:52.73; 3. DL B (Dillon Cole, Isaac Pazdernik, Ben Langworthy, Cody Okeson) 1:59.09; 4. DL C (Colby, George, Jordan George, Krengel) 2:00.44...100 backstroke: 2. Weiss 1:10.46; 3. Johnson 1:12.35; 5. Renner 1:22.23...100 breaststroke: 1. Oak 1:05.24; 5. Foltz 1:29.62...400 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Bogda, Olson, Weiss, Oak) 3:48.32.