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Lake Park-Audubon hosts 32nd Teiken wrestling tournament

Derek Braseth works on his opponent during last Friday's wrestlebacks at the LP-A wrestling tournament in Lake Park. He won this match 10-3.1 / 2
Logan Gage puts his opponent on his back during wrestlebacks Friday.2 / 2

The young Lake Park-Audubon wrestling team started cutting their teeth Friday by hosting the 32nd Terry Teiken Wrestling Tournament.

The individual brackets were highly competitive, according to LP-A head coach Travis Nagel, who had more than several wrestlers with very little varsity experience.

"The first part of the season we gained some good experience for our younger guys by wrestling in junior varsity tournaments," Nagel said. "We wrestled in the JV portion of the Rumble in the Red Tournament (in Fargo) and gained some confidence there."

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton took top honors with 204 points, while Badger/Greenbush-Middle River was second.

LP-A was seventh out of nine teams with 59 total points.

Seven Raiders placed in their respective weight classes, including seventh grader Mason Swegarden, who finished third in the 103-pound class.

Swegarden lost out in the semifinals, but defeated Tyler Giza of Fergus Falls 5-3 in the bronze bout.

"It was a good tournament for Mason," Nagel said. "For an undersized 103-pounder and doing that well, that only is going to give him more confidence."

Jon Nelson finished fourth in a competitive 171 division.

The big sophomore pulled off a last-second win in the first round with a takedown to break a tie, but fell to Fosston/Bagley's Jake Juve in the third-place match 4-3.

"Jon is becoming a leader of the team," Nagel included.

Other LP-A placers included Logan Gage (fifth at 112), Wyatt Wixo (fifth at 119), Jacob Knutson (sixth at 125), Elijah Beaudine (sixth at 135) and Derek Braseth (fifth at 145).

The Raiders will be preparing for the upcoming Heart O'Lakes Conference meet and the section meet.

"It will not get any easier," Nagel said of the two tournaments. "But we are concentrating on improving techniques and getting a little better and better every day."

Mahnomen/Waubun's William Hunt and Fergus Falls' Colton Thorton each recorded their 100th victory during the tournament, while Tayler Yliniemi of DGF was named Outstanding Wrestler at 189 pounds.

Raider results

Lake Park-Audubon 32nd Terry Teiken Wrestling Tournament, Friday, Jan. 23.

Team results

1. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (DGF) 204

2. Badger/Greenbush-Middle River (GMRB) 194

3. Fergus Falls (FF) 188

4. Pelican Rapids (PR) 162.5

5. Mahnomen/Waubun (MW) 135

6. Fosston/Bagley (F/B) 108

7. Lake Park-Audubon (LPA) 59

8. Moorhead (MHD) 54

9. Marshall County West (WAO) 7

Outstanding Wrestler: Tayler Yliniemi (DGF) 12th Grade 189

Fall Award: Garret Hoffner (MW) 8th Grade 103 LBS (3 Falls 2:41)

Dean Fox Sportsmanship Award: Alan (Swede) Olson, Coach, Fosston-Bagley

100th Win - William Hunt,  Mahnomen/Waubun, 11th, 160 pounds

100th Win - Colton Thorson, Fergus Falls, 11th, 215 pounds

103 Pounds

1. Isaac Novacek (GMRB) Fall 5:36

2. Chad Johnson (DGF)

3. Mason Swegarden (LPA) Dec. 5-3

4. Tyler Giza (FF)

5. Bryce Penner (MW) Dec. 2-0

6. Ben Herst (MHD)


Isaac Novacek Fall Bryce Penner 1:53

Chad Johnson Fall Mason Swegarden 1:32

112 Pounds

1. Garret Heffner (MW) Fall 1:26

2. Justin Meyer (PR)

3. Abbot Aho (FF) Fall 1:59

4. Alex Johnson (DGF)

5. Logan Gage (LPA) Fall 3:27

6. Aaron Connor (MHD)


Justin Meyer Fall Alex Johnson 2:53

Garret Hoffner Fall Abbot Aho :44

119 Pounds

1. Storm Booe (GMRB) Fall 1:46

2. Chris Cossette (PR)

3. Arthur Zavala (DGF) Dec. 9-5

4. James Goling (MHD)

5. Wyatt Wao (LPA) Fall 1:33

6. Make Miller (F/B)


Storm Booe Tech. Fall James Goling 3:11

Chris Cossette Dec. Arthur Zavala 11-7

125 Pounds

1. Skyler Price (GMRB) Dec. 6-4 OT

2. Alin Bakken (PR)

3. Travis Fischer (DGF) Fall 4:13

4. Derek Teberg (FF)

5. Nick Langeberg (MHD) Dec. 8-1

6. Jacob Knutson (LPA)


Skyler Price Fall Jacob Knutson 3:02

Alin Bakken Dec. Travis Fischer 8-4

130 Pounds

1. Zach Askeleson (DGF) Dec. 9-7

2. Jim Cossette (PR)

3. Thomas Gullikson (GMRB) Fall 4:43

4. Dustin Hanson (F/B)

5. Cody Ashlon (MW) Fall 4:13

6. Nic Lorenzen (MHD)


Jim Cossette Dec. Thomas Gullikson 10-6

Zach Askelson Dec. Dustin Hanson 5-2

135 Pounds

1. Adam LaDue (MW) Dec. 6-3 OT

2. Taylor Peterson (DGF)

3. Ostan Sundrud (F/B) Dec. 10-6

4. Chris Bakken (PR)

5. Matt Laugen (FF) Fall 1:32

6. Elijah Beuadine (LPA)


Taylor Peterson Dec. Ostan Sundrud 140 Pounds

Adam LaDue Dec. Cris Bakken 7-3

140 Pounds

1. Alex Hensch (FF) Dec. 14-12

2. Caleb Lanoue (MW)

3. Heath Knapper (DGF) Maj. Dec. 12-2

4. Tomm Ingle (GMRB)

5. Cory McClung (F/B) Fall 1:36

6. Derek Johnson (MHD)


Caleb Lanoue Dec. Tomm Ingle 10-4

Alex Hensch Fall Heath Knapper 1:45

145 Pounds

1. Shawn Johnson (DGF) 10-10 OT Criteria

2. Eli Jenson (GMRB)

3. Jordan Ringquist (FF) Dec. 5-2

4. Justin Radke (F/B)

5. Derek Braseth (LPA) Fall 2:21

6. Wilson Kurlstrom (MHD)


Eli Jenson Dec. Jordan Ringquist 9-2

Shawn Johnson Fall Justin Radke 3:19

152 Pounds

1. Trevor Ingle (GMRB) Dec. 5-4

2. Matt Enerson (F/B)

3. Alex Klovstad (PR) Dec. 4-2

4. Bryant Marquedant (FF)

5. Bennett Mercil (DGF) Dec. 9-6

6. Kellen McArthur (MW)


Trevor Ingle Fall Bryant Marquedant 1:02

Matt Enerson Dec. Alex Klostad 7-4

160 Pounds

1. William Hunt (MW) Dec. 9-3

2. Sam Klovstad (PR)

3. Dan Revering (FF) Dec. 7-3

4. Scott Kern (DGF)

5. Trevor Jenson (GMRB) Fall 1:08

6. Justin Hauglvedt (WAO)


William Hunt Maj. Dec. Scott Kern 13-5

Sam Klovstad Dec. Dan Revering 6-3

171 Pounds

1. Tyler Wilson (PR) Dec. 5-1

2. Jesse Laugen (FF)

3. Jake Juve (F/B) Dec. 4-3

4. Jon Nelson (LPA)

5. Timm Ingle (GMRB) Fall 3:24

6. Keaton Laymon (WAO)


Tyler Wilson Fall Jon Nelson 4:25

Jess Laugen Dec. Timm Ingle 4-3

189 Pound

1. Tayler Yliniemi (DGF) Dec. 6-1

2. McKale Evenson (PR) 6-1

3. Cole Christianson (GMRB) Maj. Dec. 12-3

4. Andrew Juve (F/B)

5. Ryan Jacobson (FF) Fall 2:07

6. Tony Vaseka (MW)


Tayler Yliniemi Fall Cole Christianson 2:44

McKale Evenson Maj. Dec. Andrew Juve 11-3

215 Pounds

1. Colton Thorson (FF) Dec. 10-2

2. Cooper Wilson (F/B)

3. Mark Wychor (MHD) Dec. 7-1

4. Ron Tolefson (DGF)

5. Preston Zornes (MW) Maj. Dec. 11-2

6. Connor Holt (PR)


Colton Thorson Fall Connor Holt :47

Cooper Wilson Dec. Mark Wychor 5-4

285 Pounds

1. Josh Campion (FF) Maj. Dec. 13-1

2. Logan Rinke (DGF)

3. Alex Yeager (GMRB) Fall :47

4. Jordan McArthur (MW)

5. Michael Comican (F/B) Default

6. Justin Keller (PR)


Josh Campion Fall Alex Yeager 1:00

Logan Rinke Fall Jordan McArthur :47.