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Detroit Lakes wins swimming and diving invite, as Mid-State meet looms

The Detroit Lakes boys' swimming and diving team hopes Saturday's Park Rapids Invite is a precursor to the Mid-State Conference meet, which is Friday inside the BTD Aquatics Center.

After taking steps throughout the season toward catching conference favorite Perham, DL finally stung the Yellow Jackets Saturday by winning the Park Rapids Invite, with 568 points to Perham's second-place total of 533.

The invite victory is the Laker's first one in three years, and it couldn't have come at a better time, since it's so close to the Mid-State meet, which starts at 6 p.m.

"It's been a process and we've been taking it step by step," said DL head coach Rian Heimark. "We've lost to Perham twice by small margins, and we finally beat them in Park Rapids."

That doesn't mean it's a lock for the Lakers to win Friday, it's just a good sign that the conference meet will be a closely fought one by all teams competing.

DL hasn't won the Mid-State in five years.

The key to the Lakers' success Saturday was their depth, which provided important points by taking several fourth through sixth-places slots.

Freshman Brandon Olson won two events, taking the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:01.50 and the 500 freestyle with a 5:31.90.

The reliable and currently undefeated Jon Melgaard collected another meet victory in diving, accumulating a total of 345.5 points, while Quillan Oak won the breaststroke with a 1:04.04.

The capper was the victory in the 400 freestyle relay, which included Michael Bogda, Matt Weiss, Oak and Olson.

"We also took fourth and fifth in the 200 medley relay, which ended up being good points for us," Heimark added.

The DL coach credited Travis King for having a solid meet, after he qualified for sections in the 200 individual medley with a 2:30.55 and a third-place finish.

Dameon Rozek also added his name to the section team after he raced for a 6:14.60 in the 500 freestyle.

The Lakers now have 12 swimmers and divers qualified for the section meet, with every event filled.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at Park Rapids Invite, Saturday, Feb. 7.

Team results -- Detroit Lakes 568, Perham 533, Park Rapids 455, International Falls 448.

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 4. DL A (Matt Weiss, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Zach Conklin) 1:56.06; 5. DL B (Cody Johnson, Jon Melgaard, Dameon Rozek, Cody Okeson) 2:06.26...200 freestyle: 1. Olson 2:01.50; 10. Brady Eilertson 2:20.58; 14. Isaac Pazdernik 2:38.43; 16. Jordan George 2:45.56...200 individual medley: 2. Oak 2:09.51; 3. Travis King 2:30.55; 7. C. Johnson 2:43.52...50 freestyle: 4. Michael Bogda 24.94; 6. Conklin 25.60; 9. Okeson 27.47...Diving: 1. Melgaard 345.50; 5. Justin George 252.85; 6. Pat Rethwisch 240.35; 7. Aaron Colby 212.05...100 butterfly: 5. Weiss 1:08.08; 7. Rozek 1:11.97; 9. Logan Peterick 1:22.10; 10. Okeson 1:26.05...100 freestyle: 4. Bogda 55.51; 6.Eilertson 1:01.99; 12. Pazdernik 1:07.86; 13. Ben Langworthy 1:09.21...500 freestyle: 1. Olson 5:31.90; 3. King 5:59.01; 5. Rozek 6:14.60; 10. Peterick 6:43.87...200 freestyle relay: 3. DL A 1:44.58; 7. DL B 2:00.25...100 backstroke: 4. Weiss 1:08.26; 6. Johnson 1:12.96...100 breaststroke: 1. Oak 1:04.04; 6. Melgaard 1:16.68; 7. Conklin 1:16.79; 14. Clem Foltz 1:27.87...400 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Bogda, Weiss, Oak, Olson) 3:38.88; 4. DL B (King, Eilertson, Johnson, Melgaard) 4:06.16.