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Creating a Hornet's nest at the Class 1A state meet

The Class 1A state qualifying Frazee Hornet wrestlers include (L to R) Trevor Stilke, Wade Huckriede, Tyler Blauert, Kody Lafarenier-Sorenson, Michael Lucero and Cody Nunn. Not pictured: Rij Koehnen. (Brian Basham/Record)

FRAZEE - The tradition of peaking at the right time continued for the Frazee wrestling team, which is sending seven individual wrestlers along with the team, to the Class 1A state wrestling meet.

It's been an annual right of passage for Frazee wrestlers to send both seniors and underclassman to the state meet and this year was no different.

After avenging a regular-season loss to Badger/Greenbush-Middle River for the Section 8-1A team title Feb. 21, Frazee proceeded to clean up the section individual tournament.

A total of seven Hornets wrestled to their respective individual weight championships during the section meet Friday and Saturday in Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton.

Seven made the state, including Trevor Stilke (103), Wade Huckriede (125), Rij Koehnen (130), Mike Lucero (140), Tyler Blauert (160), Cody Nunn (171) and Kody Lafarenier-Sorenson (189).

Of the seven, two were section champions -- Lucero and Nunn -- while Stilke made a dramatic run to state by winning the True Second match by pin over D-G-F's Chad Johnson.

"We knew we were going to wrestle our best in the individual (tournament) even after winning the team title," said Nunn, who is a senior. "It feels good sending seven."

With state bids being snatched up left and right throughout Saturday, it provided motivation down the line, as well.

"Watching everyone else qualify for state, really helps a lot as you get ready for your match," said Blauert, another state-seasoned senior.

Lucero, who is ranked No. 2 in the state at 140, said although the team and state individuals will be busy, it's nothing new for the Hornets.

"You do get really wore down through the tournament, but you really just have to take each match one at a time," Lucero said. "We have wrestled in some big tournaments like the Bismarck (in which he won the 140 title) and the Rumble in the Red.

"So we are used to staying overnight and wrestling a lot of matches."

Each Frazee individual has their goals, but there will be one which all will have in common -- a team championship.

"Winning as a team is way much more fun," Blauert said.

"It's team first because everyone is counting on you and you can also share it as a team," Lucero added.

The Hornets, who are unseeded, will face No. 2 seeded Kenyon-Wanamingo at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

The fact Frazee is unseeded will play a part in motivation, as well.

"As far as we are concerned, we are the underdog," Lucero said. "But we match up well with (K-W). Since it's a morning match, the team who comes out ready to wrestle, will win."

The semifinals will be Friday at noon and the finals Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

The individual portion of the state meet starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Hornet results

Section 8-1A individual tournament at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, Friday-Saturday, Feb. 27-28.

Medal rounds

103 Pounds

1. Isaac Novacek (GMRB) Maj. Dec. 17-5

2. Chad Johnson (DGF)

True Second: Trevor Stilke (FRA) Fall Chad Johnson 3:09

3. Trevor Stilke Maj. Dec. 15-1

4. Mason Swegarden (LPA)

5. Nathan Merten (CRX) Dec. 9-2

6. Steven Henderson (FB)

112 Pounds

1. Garret Heffner (MW) Fall 1:24

2. Jacob Malone (UNC)

3. Tanner Ellenberg (FRA) Fall 1:17

4. Jayden Harm (DGF)

5. Zane Baranski (CRX) Fall 3:32

6. Jordan Wahl (GMRB)

119 Pounds

1. Storm Booe (GMRB) Dec. 8-3

2. Myrel Schermerhorn (FRA)

True Second: Arthur Zavala Dec. Myrel Schermerhorn 20-15

3. Arthur Zavala (DGF) 1:02

4. Wyatt Wixo (LPA)

5. Steve Hukriede (HAW) Default

6. Ben Genereux (CRX)

125 Pounds

1. Skyler Price (GMRB) Dec. 8-2

2. Wade Huckriede (FRA)

3. Sam Klingfus (HAW) Dec. 11-4

4. Ben Meech (UNC)

5. Blake Bergeron (CRX) Dec. 7-2

6. Alex Johnson (DGF)

130 Pounds

1. Javier Portillo (CRX) Fall 3:34

2. Rij Koehnen (FRA)

3. Zack Askelson (DGF) Maj. Dec. 19-8

4. Thomas Gullikson (GMRB)

5. Cody Ashton (MW) Fall 2:26

6. Brandon Benker (HAW)

135 Pounds

1. Mariano Portillo (CRX) Dec. 9-2

2. Taylor Peterson (DGF)

3. Adam LaDue (MW) Dec. 10-5

4. Max Aho (UNC)

5. Tyler Ziegler (FRA) Fall 2:46

6. Tanner Sovde (GMRB)

140 Pounds

1. Mike Lucero (FRA0 Dec. 2-1

2. Caleb Lanoue (MW)

3. Anthony Caputo (CRX) Fall 3:40

4. Tomm Ingle (GMRB)

5. Ryan Hamernik (DGF) Maj. Dec. 19-2

6. Jacob Knutson (LPA)

145 Pounds

1. Shawn Johnson (DGF) Dec. 6-5

2. Eli Jenson (GMRB)

3. Casey Nunn (FRA) Fall :48

4. Derek Braseth (LPA)

5. August Short (MW) Fall :48

6. Joel Larson (FB)

152 Pounds

1. Josh Meech (UNC) Dec. 11-5

2. Kellen McArthur (MW)

3. Te Jay Woichowski (GMRB) Fall 4:48

4. Cody Osland (CRX)

5. Brandon VanWatermulen (FRA) Dec. 2-0

6. Heath Knapper (DGF)

160 Pounds

1. William Hunt (MW) Dec. 8-4

2. Tyler Blauert (FRA)

3. Scott Kern (DGF) Dec. 10-8

4. Josh Edlund (CRX)

5. Justin Hauglvedt (MCW)

6. Bye

171 Pounds

1. Cody Nunn (FRA) Maj. Dec. 11-0

2. Isaac Edlund (CRX)

True Second: Isaac Edlund Tech. Fall Ben Evans (GMRB) 5:39

3. Ben Evans (GMRB) Maj. Dec. 19-9

4. John Nelson (LPA)

5. Hunter Rosenfeldt (DGF) Fall 1:57

6. Travis Larson (FB)

189 Pounds

1. Tayler Yliniemi (DGF) Dec. 8-5

2. Kody Lafarenier-Sorenson (FRA)

3. Brandon Reierson (CRX) Dec. 8-4

4. Timm Ingle (GMRB)

5. Tyler Jonson (RLCC) Fall 4:38

6. Ryan Monson (FB)

215 Pounds

1. Cole Christianson (GMRB) Fall 5:14

2. Travis Morvig (FB)

True Second: Brody Davidson Maj. Dec. Travis Morvig 15-4

3. Brody Davidson (CRX) Maj. Dec. 9-0

4. Ron Tollefson (DGF)

5. Preston Zornes (MW) Dec. 13-7

6. Brandon Markwardt (HAW)

285 Pounds

1. Logan Rinke (DGF) Maj. Dec. 13-0

2. Zach Nevala (UNC)

3. Alex Yeager (GMRB) Fall 1:36

4. Nicholas Merten (CRX)

5. Jordan McArthur (MW)

6. Bye.