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A glimpse of a bright future shown through 2008-09 season for Detroit Lakes boys' basketball

The Detroit Lakes boys' basketball showed what is to come in years ahead -- success.

The Lakers ended their (10-17) season by winning four of the final five games, with an impressive 72-67 win against Alexandria before falling to Rocori in the playoffs 66-43.

After losing the Lakers' all-time leading scorer, Adam Thielen a year ago, the team didn't know where the bulk of the points were going to come from.

"Last year we had Adam (Thielen) to count on," said head coach Robb Flint. "We really didn't know where our points were going to come from."

The answer wasn't in just one man, as the scoring was spread out evenly, with three players averaging double digits.

"We had a lot of youth and with our two leading scorers being a sophomore and a freshman, it's really exciting," said Flint. "We just need to work hard in the off-season and get in the weight room."

The season started off very slowly for the Laker boys, as they dropped 11 of their first 14.

"We had a week off in the season where we went back and worked on fundamentals again," Flint said. "After that, I really noticed our turnovers reduced and our overall mistakes went down."

Detroit Lakes will lose six seniors that had tremendous leadership and an ability to push their teammates.

"The seniors did a good job of welcoming the younger guys and they weren't selfish," said Flint. "They all made sure to lead by example in practice and in games."

Flint explained seniors Kyle Muckenhirn and Zane Kotschevar taught physicality to the younger kids.

"They weren't afraid to knock them around," said Flint. "At the end of the year, we were out-rebounding teams we shouldn't have."

The Laker team has a bright light of hope for the next few years, with much of the contributing team returning and a highly skilled ninth grade class coming up.

"We have a lot of skilled kids that can come up and score," said Flint. "We just need to get in the weight room and work."

Flint expects to have a few of his players on the Mid-State All-Conference team, which is released next week.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes Lakers season stats

Scoring: (2pt-3pt-ftm-fta-pts) Josh Stalberger 125-5-41-66-306; Joe Mollberg 76-26-58-73-288; Reed Oistad 59-36-59-76-285; Kyle Muckenhirn 63-1-34-60-163; Tyler Fode 44-14-23-36-153; Alex Guetter 38-0-32-43-108; Zane Kotschevar 34-0-26-35-94; Max Knoll 23-3-22-45-77; Brian Labat 16-1-3-5-38; Connor Hedstrom 7-8-17-27-55; Mike Beeson 14-7-9-14-58; Brady Johnson 0-5-2-2-17; Connor McLeod 1-4-3-4-17; Mark Labat 1-0-5-7-7. Team: 501-110-334-493-1666.