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Ironman hosts MN Junior PGA tour event

On Wednesday, July 8, Ironman Golf Course in Detroit Lakes hosted the Minnesota Junior PGA's Beginner and Transition tour event.

In the Beginner's Tour, Detroit Lakes swept the top two places for the girls' 8-9 division. Emily Larson took first place with a score of 48, and Shelby Busker came in second with a score of 53.

In the girls' 10-12 division, first place went to Eagan's Kallay Kotasek with a score of 43.

In the boys' 11-12 division, first place went to Jared Lind of Miltona with a 35.

For the Transition Tour, Ryan Paskey of Detroit Lakes took first place in the boys' 8-9 division with a score of 41.

For the boys' 10-12 division, there was a first place tie between Patrick Traynor and Max Restemayer, both of Fargo, who both finished with an identical score of 29.