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Record turnout for Lakeview Women's Golf League

It was a record turnout for the Lakeview Women's Golf League on Tuesday, June 30.

The game of the evening was Fewest Putts.

Donna Ronkin took top honors with 15 putts. Ethel Nelson and Joanne Thomsen followed with 16 each. Next came Laura Hinderacher, Mary Seaworth and Cyndi Borah, each with 17.

Ending the top scoring for the evening with 18 putts each were Sharon O'Brien, Marlene Hanson, Dolores Edwardson, Karen Heitman, Ginny Imholte and Jan Lorenz.

Clare Engberg had the drive closest to the pin, Karen Heitman had the longest putt and Joanne Thomsen had a birdie and a chip in.