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Favre lets Minnesota down

Dear Brett Favre,


Why did you retire again, why did you let Minnesota down, why did you doom the Vikings to another year of mediocrity?

You had me fooled. I really thought you had the heart of a Viking. I must admit that at first, I had a hard time getting used to the idea of Brett Favre playing for Minnesota, as I personally have never been a huge fan of yours. Part of it, I'm sure, is the fact that you were once a Packer, but besides that your southern accent has always been a pet peeve of mine and your last name bugs me. There's no right way to pronounce it.

But your talent and status as a legend cannot be denied, and so I was more than happy to put my personal prejudices aside if it meant that this would be the year. And I have no doubt that with you on our side, we really could have gone all the way.

Without you, its just going to be another long season in Vikingland. I knew that much immediately after hearing the news, long before I looked at the paper and read how much trouble we're in now that you're out of the picture.

Coach Childress may say, "this doesn't change anything about how I feel about our football team," but I can tell from the close-up of his face in the Star Tribune that he's worried. I can understand why you called him to announce your retirement. The most heartless man could not say no to those puppy-dog eyes.

The Vikings and their fans are all about hope -- its all we've ever had -- and I don't doubt that for awhile, people are going to convince themselves that we really didn't need stupid old Brett Favre after all, that we'll win the Super Bowl without you.

But after half the season goes by without a single victory to our name, people are going to start giving up, not only on their football team but on their lives as well. I don't really care so much about football -- it is only a game -- I just hate to see my brother Noah spend another winter in his bedroom closet.

The emotional implications of your absence will be devastating, but they hardly compare to the financial ones. Your decision to retire will result in lost ticket sales, possible television blackouts (which actually might be not be such a bad thing, considering the games are going to be so hard to watch anyway), and entire livelihoods gone. Like mine.

When I first heard you were considering joining the Vikes, I bought up a truckload of Authentic Favre No. 4 Vikings jerseys, in the hopes of selling them for a profit. Now all I have are 500 jerseys sitting in my shed and an empty bank account.

In an odd way, your decision to not go purple after all is fitting. It's a microcosm of the repeated cycle of hope and despair that has made up the entire history of the Vikings franchise, from the team's four failed Super Bowl attempts to its acquisition of promising yet seedy characters that clean up and reach their full potential after being traded away.

And then there's this; four months of build-up and false hope in having a true football legend on our team ended in this anticlimax.

I have to wonder if you planned all this -- the media hype, the arm surgery, and finally, the letdown -- as a final slam against the Vikings, your longtime nemeses. I should have known you were up to one of your dirty Packer tricks, but I guess I never figured you were smart enough to scheme something this complex. Well, if it was your plan to leave the Vikings in the bind you did, then it worked.

But don't flatter yourself; we're going to find another quarterback. I refuse to believe that we'll be left with Tarvaris Jackson forever -- God just wouldn't let that happen. Michael Vick is out of prison and looking for a team to play on. Maybe he's a possibility.

On the other hand, that might not be such a good idea. Skilled as he is, I think Vick's presence might be a bad influence, and could even result in the whole team "going to the dogs."

If the Vikings don't find a good quarterback -- one to take us all the way -- this year, then maybe we'll have enough money saved up to afford one next season, or the one after that.

That is the beauty of football: there is always another season to be played. I just wish the same were true with you.


Nathan P. Kitzmann

Nathan Kitzmann will be a junior at Detroit Lakes High School this fall.