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Perham swimmers tip the Lakers in last event

It literally came down to the last few seconds of Tuesday's meet inside the BTD Aquatics Center to determine the victor between the Perham and Detroit Lakes swimming and diving teams.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, the Yellowjackets nabbed second through fourth-place finishes in the 400-yard freestyle relay to ultimately capture the duel by the score of 93-90.

The Lakers were able to win the battle in the 400 freestyle relay, but not the war, as the foursome of Andrea Weiss, Miranda Olson, Melissa Paakh and Libby Larson won with a time of 4:01.70.

A disqualification of DL's second team set up Perham's bid of finishing in the next three positions and just enough to tip the scoreboard in its favor.

"The score wasn't a reflection of the girls' performances," said DL head coach Carol McCarthy. "The times showed that, too. A lot of the girls had a break-through of their time barriers and they are still dropping time, despite having morning practices now and being tired."

Perham keyed its win not by winning the events, but taking second and third places, instead.

The Lakers top guns did the job again, with nine top finishes.

Paakh gathered in four first-place finishes, including the 200 individual medley (2:16.39), the 100 butterfly (57.47) and was on the victorious 200 and 400 freestyle squads.

Junior Andrea Weiss took the 100 and 50 freestyle races with times of 58.77 and 26.99, respectively.

Libby Larson won two events in the 200 freestyle (2:11.17) and the 500 freestyle (5:39.75).

The three others who joined Paakh in the 200 relay win included Miranda Olson, Bre Halbur and Weiss with a time of 1:50.18.

The duel between Perham and DL is a little precursor to the Mid-State Conference meet, which will be hosted by the Lakers Oct. 30.

"We tend to do well in the bigger meets and it's good to see what every (conference) team has, too," McCarthy said. "This was a good, exciting meet and that's good for the girls to have."

McCarthy also pointed out several younger swimmers who had solid times. They included Ayla Erickson in the 200 freestyle, Taylor Long in the 500 (shaved off over 15 seconds) and Kayla Lang having a career-best time in the 100 backstroke for a second-place finish.

Maddy Schiller also qualified for sections in the 100 freestyle.

"It's good to have some break-through swims," McCarthy said.

The Lakers will compete in the Fosston/Bagley Invite Saturday.

Laker results

Perham at Detroit Lakes, Tuesday, Sept. 29.

Yellowjackets 93,

Lakers 90

DL event results -- 200-yard medley relay: 2. DL A (Kayla Lang, Katie Larson, Libby Larson, Bre Halbur) 2:16.15; 4. DL B (Ayla Erickson, Jennifer Bellware, Grace Livermore, Sam Hanson) 2:28.34; 5. DL C (Brigette Brekke, Kylee Foster, Katie Arens, Shayna Dugger) 2:57.07...200 freestyle: 1. L. Larson 2:11.17; 5. Taylor Long 2:37.48; 6. Erickson 2:42.29...200 individual medley: 1. Melissa Paakh 2:16.39; 3. Miranda Olson 2:29.34; 6. Katie Larson 2:51.39...50 freestyle: 1. Andrea Weiss 26.99; 4. Lang 28.84; 5. Maddy Schiller 29.53; 7. Breanna 50.99...Diving: 1. Dugger 223.45; 2. Halbur 211.80; 3. Kylee Foster 144.95...100 freestyle: 1. Weiss 58.77; 4. Schiller 1:04.11; 6. Sam Hanson 1:17.41...500 freestyle: 1. L. Larson 5:39.75; 3. Olson 5:54.10; 6. Long 7:11.34...200 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Paakh, Olson, Halbur, Weiss) 1:50.18; 4. DL B (Schiller, K. Larson, Erickson, Long) 2:09.05; 6. DL C (Livermore, Brekke, Hanson, Bellware) 2:16.97...100 backstroke: 2. Lang 1:11.53; 5. Erickson 1:24.17; 6. Brekke 1:36.23...100 breaststroke: 4. K. Larson 1:27.48; 5. Bellware 1:30.67; 6. Livermore 1:50.09...400 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Weiss, Olson, Paakh, L. Larson) 4:01.70; 6. DL C (Bellware, Brekke, Arens, Hanson) 5:22.52.