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Frazee is victorious in Homecoming game

Lake of the Woods tried to spoil Frazee's Homecoming game with some razzle-dazzle.

A second-half explosion from the Bears fell short, though, as the Hornets regained their composure in a 41-24 win Friday.

"We had a little bit of a lull," said Frazee coach Jim Rader. "They had some really good fourth down conversions on us. They had some razzle-dazzle going on. I think our kids were awestruck and they shut a couple of our drives down."

Hornets' senior running back Matt Viste led the way for his team in scoring four touchdowns and running for 231 yards.

Frazee moved to 3-2 on the season with the win.

Lake of the Woods featured an unconventional offense with Shae Pepera and Chris Novak switching off at quarterback, and each alternately serving as wide out.

After holding a 26-6 lead at the half, Frazee's defense allowed three touchdowns.

Ryan Gustafson's 40-yard touchdown run was the first batch of fireworks that Lake of the Woods brought out after the break.

The Bears shunned conventional tactics early as the team went for an onside kick, after Pepera scored the Bears' first touchdown, went for first downs in what were usually punting situations and kept Frazee's defense guessing by switching players around the field.

After Lake of the Woods cut the lead to 26-12, Frazee senior running back Matt Viste rattled off a 63-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage after the kickoff.

But the Bears quickly answered after Pepera had a 71-yard touchdown run off an end-around.

Lake of the Woods cut Frazee's lead to 10 points when Marcellis Sontowski ran it in from 7 yards out. Pepera set it up with a 15-yard catch.

Rader said that while his team let off the gas a bit, he was still pleased.

"When you win three out of four (quarters), you're still going to come out OK when you're playing a great football team," Rader said.

"You have to expect there will be times when they might have the upper hand."

The Bears were 3-1 coming into the game, with Rader pointing out that they were still getting some votes for the state Associated Press poll two weeks ago.

"That says some good stuff about us, too," he said.

Despite the change in momentum, the Bears wouldn't score again as the Hornets' defense picked off a pass and forced a fumble.

With a few minutes left, Viste put the game out of reach with a 30-yard touchdown run.

Frazee quarterback Dylan Stender passed for 110 yards, completing 6-for-13 of his passes. He hit Rij Koehnen for a touchdown in the first half. Stender also scored the Hornets' first touchdown on a 1-yard sneak.

With three games left, the Hornets are still on track to produce the best regular-season record under Rader's tenure. He went 4-4 in 2007 and 5-3 last year.

"We're hoping to earn the opportunity for a home playoff, which hasn't happened in many, many years," Rader said. "We're going to try to make it happen this year."

The Hornets travel to Walker-Hacksensack-Akeley (1-4) on Friday.