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Paakh breaks own record in butterfly event; Lakers come close to Bemidji

The Detroit Lakes girls' swimming and diving team is priming up for their last stretch of the season, and Tuesday's duel against visiting Bemidji provided a good test for that chore.

The Lakers stayed as close to the Lumberjacks as they have in quite awhile, losing 101-85, but trailing only 91-81 heading into the last event.

The issue of depth sprouted up again for the Lakers, as the larger Bemidji team keyed their win with the bigger numbers they had on their team.

"After diving, our holes in our lineup started showing up," said DL head coach Carol McCarthy.

"The last half of the meet hurt us because of our (lack of) depth."

The Lakers' top guns had plenty of bullets, though, as junior Melissa Paakh broke her own school record in the 100-yard butterfly with a 57.98 mark. Junior Libby Larson also was in top form, winning both the 200 freestyle (2:07.96) and the 500 freestyle (5:34.18).

"Ashtin Spies also set a personal best in the backstroke with her 1:06.59 (for first)," McCarthy said.

The diving team was also pushed for the first time this season, as senior Shayna Dugger came out on top with a score of 206, while Bre Halbur was third with a 188.55.

Miranda Olson was victorious in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:29.88, while Paakh collected another win in the 100 breaststroke with a 1:10.87.

"Kayla Lang has also been working hard and did well in the 100 backstroke," the DL coach said. "She will be one to watch after we taper."

The 50 freestyle event is still up for grabs on the team, with junior Andrea Weiss being a solid contributor after she won it Tuesday with a 27.18 time.

After some switching around, the 200-medley relay team, which included Spies, Paakh, Weiss and Halbur, pulled out the victory.

The Lakers will have one more polishing-up meet next Thursday at Staples-Motley before hosting the Mid-State Conference meet Friday, Oct. 30, inside the BTD Aquatics Center.

"We'll be picking up our yards over the MEA weekend and get ready for the Mid-State, which will be a very fun meet," McCarthy said.

The Lakers finished seventh in the section True Team meet over the weekend, while Bemidji will be advancing to the state.

"We switched some girls around so everyone could swim," McCarthy said of the True Team meet.

Laker results

Bemidji at Detroit Lakes, Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Lumberjacks 101, Lakers 85

Laker results -- 200 medley relay: 1. DL A (Ashtin Spies, Melissa Paakh, Andrea Weiss, Bre Halbur) 2:01.70; 6. DL B (Breanna Buck, Kyley Foster, Katie Arens, Sam Marihart) 3:12.37...200 freestyle: 1. Libby Larson 2:07.96; 5. Kayla Lang 2:22.59; 6. Ayla Erickson 2:41.81...200 individual medley: 1. Miranda Olson 2:29.88; 4. Katie Larson 2:49.61; 6. Maddy Schiller 2:51.72...50 freestyle: 1. Weiss 27.18; 4. Spies 27.70; 10. Jennifer Bellware 32.91...Diving: 1. Shayna Dugger 206.00; 3. Bre Halbur 188.55; 5. Taryn Kobriger 165.60...100 butterfly: 1. Paakh 57.98 (DLHS record); 5. Katie Arens 1:44.22; 6. Sam Hanson 1:52.92...100 freestyle: 2. Weiss 59.19; 4. Olson 59.95...500 freestyle: 1. L. Larson 5:34.18; 5. Schiller 6:40.15...200 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Olson, Halbur, Lang, L. Larson) 1:52.59; 5. DL B (K. Larson, Dugger, Hannah Brady, Schiller) 2:10.39; 7. DL C (Taryn Kobriger, Buck, Marihart, Arens) 2:32.50...100 backstroke: 1. Spies 1:06.59; 3. Lang 1:12.46; 7. Erickson 1:21.41...100 breaststroke: 1. Paakh 1:10.87; 5. K. Larson 1:28.41; 6. Bellware 1:31.34...400 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Weiss, L. Larson, Spies, Paakh) 3:59.12; 4. DL B (Olson, Schiller, K. Larson, Lang) 4:19.22; 5. DL C (Halbur, Hanson, Bellware, Erickson) 4:53.84.