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Lake Park-Audubon girls' basketball topped by Hawley

Lake Park-Audubon junior Chelsea Raaen puts up an outside shot against Hawley Friday night in Lake Park. (Brian Basham/DL Newspaper)1 / 3
LP-A guard Amy Knudsvig drives the lane and takes a shot against Hawley Friday night. (Brian Basham/DL Newspapers)2 / 3
LP-A freshman Emma Ulmer (14) goes to the floor after a loose ball under the Hawley net Friday night. (Brian Basham/DL Newspapers)3 / 3

LAKE PARK-The visiting Hawley Nuggets proved to be too much for the Lake Park-Audubon girls' basketball on both the perimeter and the inside, as the visitors struck early and held a double-digit lead for an eventual 59-33 win.

The loss came at the heels of LP-A's first win of the season, that coming at home against Northern Cass Thursday by the score of 61-53, to put the Raiders at 1-2 on the season.

"I think the girls played scared against Hawley, just because they are Hawley," said LP-A head coach Andy Schwan. "They didn't attack like they did Thursday night against Northern Cass, where (LP-A) came out and played wide open and were hitting their open shots."

The Nuggets are a formidable force on both the perimeter -- with the sharp-shooting from Jessy Noreen netted her 16 points -- and the inside where forward Amy Stoa owned and scored eight.

Hawley applied some early heavy defensive pressure, forcing a bevy of turnovers to build a 19-3 lead by the 10:00 mark.

"Hawley just has so many weapons and you don't have enough players to defend them all," Schwan said.

But the Raiders didn't fold their tents after the sluggish start, as they posted an 8-0 run of their own to pull to within 21-11, capped by a Tate Hall three pointer at the 5:25 mark.

LP-A used some scrappy defense of its own to make the run on Hawley and also attacked the inside, set up by the penetrating drives by guard Andi Knudsvig, who finished with a team-high 12 points.

"We gained a little confidence with that run and got into a flow for the game," Schwan included.

But the Nuggets regained their composure and started feeding Stoa the ball on the block, as well as punching the ball back out to Noreen to increase the gap by halftime 30-17.

A quick start to the second half on a Stoa bank-in and a Noreen steal in the open court on the next possession put the score at 34-17, as Hawley was able to cruise from there.

"You can't go zone and pack it in (on Stoa), because then they start hitting the three's and you can't defend the perimeter because then they can just go inside," Schwan said. "You have to give all the credit to Hawley, they are a good team."

But the Raiders had their running shoes on against visiting Northern Cass Thursday, as well as an effective game plan of attacking the hoop.

A repeated effort to drive the lane and get to the basket resulted in 36 trips to the free throw line, as Knudsvig went 10 for 16 alone for her team-high 18 points.

The team went 20 for 36 in all.

Hall also prospered on the perimeter, draining four treys for 16 points.

Senior Christine McIntire controlled the first half, making 11 of her 14 points in that span to aid the Raiders to a commanding 36-22 halftime lead.

"We rebounded well, boxed out and hit our shots," Schwan said. "It was a different team than the one which played (Friday versus Hawley)."

LP-A shot 45-percent from the field and converted its 61 points by shooting the ball 41 times.

"This is a game we would like to emulate this season," Schwan said of the win.

This will be the last year the Raiders will play in the rugged Heart O'Lakes Conference.

Next year they will start to compete in the Pine to Prairie Conference, which will be against schools LP-A's size.

Raider results

Hawley at Lake Park-Audubon, Friday, Dec. 4.

Nuggets 30 39 - 59

Raiders 17 16 - 33

Stats (2-3-ftm-fta-pts) -- LP-A: Tate Hall 0-1-0-0-3; Ashley Thompson 3-1-0-0-9; Chrstine McIntire 1-0-0-0-2; Emma Ulmer 0-0-1-2-1; Meagan Anderson 1-0-0-0-2; Kim Cigelske 2-0-0-0-4; Andi Knudsvig 3-1-3-4-12; Chelsey Raaen 0-0-0-2-0. Team: 10-3-4-6-33.

Hawley: J. Noreen 5-2-0-0-16; L. Olson 2-0-1-2-5; J. Laddusaw 1-0-0-0-2; J. Ritter 1-0-0-2-2; K. Grefsrud 0-0-1-2-1; R. Neuman 1-0-0-0-2; E. Amann 3-1-0-0-9; A. Ritter 3-0-1-2-7; A. Richards 0-0-1-2-1; A. Stoa 4-0-0-1-8; A. Sannes 3-0-0-0-6. Team: 23-3-4-11-59.

Northern Cass at Lake Park-Audubon, Thursday, Dec. 3.

Northern Cass 22 31 - 53

Raiders 36 25 - 61

LPA: Hall 1-4-2-4-16; Thompson 2-0-0-0-4; McIntire 4-1-3-8-14; E. Ulmer 0-0-1-2-1; Cigelske 1-0-3-4-5; Knudsvig 4-0-10-16-18; Raaen 1-0-1-2-3. Team: 13-5-20-36-61.

NC: Fenske 0-0-2-2-2; Ward 0-1-1-3-4; Holmstrom 4-0-1-2-9; Zieske 2-0-2-4-6; Lako 3-3-5-6-20; A. Lako 1-0-2-4-4; Verwest 1-0-0-0-2; A. Lako 3-0-0-0-6; Johnson 0-0-0-0-1-0. Team: 14-4-13-21-53.