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Nordic ski teams open the season

The Detroit Lakes Nordic ski teams found some snow to compete in as they traveled south to participate in the St. Cloud Cathedral-Sartell meet on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

As expected, Laker boys' skiers Jake Richards and Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles were right in the hunt for top placings.

Richards finished in third, while Ramstad-Skoyles was two positions behind in fifth.

The DL top girls' finisher was Andrea Weiss in 30th.

"We were thin in numbers, due to other activities going on, but it was different for the skiers because it was the first time on hills for them this year," said DL head coach Dan Josephson.

"The comments I heard from the kids were that it was nice to be back on skis and it was good to get the first meet out of the way."

The near-future schedule will be touch-and-go until a good snowfall happens.

The Jan. 5 home meet at Maplelag is still up in the air, with the need for up to three to four more inches of snow to cover the trails.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at the St. Cloud/Sartell Nordic ski meet, Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Laker girls' varsity results (times not included, top 30 only): 30. Andrea Weiss.

Laker boys' varsity results: 3. Jake Richards; 5. Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles; 30. Hunter Schleske.

Laker JV girls' results: 9. Jill Feuillerat; 11. Miranda Olson; 27. Elisa Stefan; 31. Tania Ochoa.

Laker JV boys' results: 7. Christian Tigges; 25. Austin Clem; 29. Andy Syllaba.