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Moorhead figure skater finishes 10th

U.S. figure skaters Mark Ladwig of Moorhead and his skating partner Amanda Evora scored 57.86 and finished 10th out of 20 pairs in Sunday night's short program at the Winter Olympics.

Ladwig and Evora momentarily held second place before the Canadian duo of Ananbelle Langlois and Cody Hay followed with a 64.20 to drop Ladwig and Evora into third place before late skaters pushed them down the list.

The Chinese pair of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao, the first skaters of the night, scored 76.66 and commanded the top score all night.

For Ladwig and Evora, it was their career best score.

"That was a fantastic piece of music that had a feeling of the Olympics. These two wear their hears on their sleeves. You can feel the emotion they have. They love skating and the relationship between them goes all the way to the top row of the building here at the Pacific Coliseum. Wow," posted NBC blogger Peter Carruthers about Ladwig and Evora after their skate on