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DL swimmers rally to topple Prowlers

Trailing by 10 points late in their road meet against Thief River Falls, the Detroit Lakes boys' swimming and diving team dug down deep to make a rally and escape the Prowlers' pool with an 88-82 victory.

The comeback started with Travis King and Aaron Colby striking for first and second place finishes in the 100 backstroke, while the trio of Quillan Oak, Cody Johnson and Jon Melgaard took first, third and fourth, respectively, in the 100-yard breaststroke to break the tie.

The win was sealed when the 400 freestyle squad of Cody Okeson, Brandon Olson, King and Oak took first, while the foursome of Brady Eilertson, Brady Otto, Johnson and Carter Krengel took third.

There wasn't a diving event, since the TRF pool doesn't have a diving board, so DL missed out on some of their usual key points during the meet.

The dual started out with the Lakers taking the 200-medley relay, as King, Oak, Cody Okeson and Brandon Olson won with a 1:50.41 time.

In all, the Lakers won seven events, including Brandon Olson in the 200 and 500 freestyle races and Oak in the 200 individual medley.

DL will now prepare for the Section 3-1A meet, which will be held inside the BTD Aquatics Center Friday and Saturday.

Friday the meet will start at 3 p.m. and Saturday, at noon.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at Thief River Falls, Thursday, Feb. 18.

Lakers 88, Prowlers 82

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 1. DL A (Travis King, Quillan Oak, Cody Okeson, Brandon Olson) 1:50.41; 3. DL B (Aaron Colby, Cody Johnson, Jared Olson, Jon Melgaard) 2:05.04...200 freestyle: 1. Brandon Olson 2:00.60; 3. King 2:05.86; 4. Carter Krengel 2:07.76...200 individual medley: 1. Oak 2:04.55; 4. Jared Olson 2:35.13...50 freestyle: 2. Cody Okeson 25.43; 4. Isaac Clem 26.39; 6. Brady Eilertson 27.01...100 butterfly: 4. J. Olson 1:10.97; 5. Jon Melgaard 1:13.10; 6. Mike Okeson 1:16.43...100 freestyle: 2. Cody Okeson 55.15; 3. Krengel 58.07; 5. Eilertson 1:00.08...500 freestyle: 1. B. Olson 5:24.51; 5. Otto 6:46.21; 6. Antonio Valdez 6:54.26...200 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Melgaard, Eilertson, J. Olson, Krengel) 1:49.38; 4. DL B (A. Colby, Justin George, Pat Retwisch, Jordan George) 1:58.33...100 backstroke: 1. King 1:05.19; 2. A. Colby 1:14.72; 6. Clem 1:23.53...100 breaststroke: 1. Oak 1:03.13; 3. C. Johnson 1:12.91; 4. Melgaard 1:16.98...400 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Okeson, B. Olson, King, Oak) 3:36.93; 3. DL B (Eilertson, Otto, C. Johnson, Krengel) 4:01.05; 5. DL C (Justin George, Retwisch, Clem, Okeson) 4:28.22.