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Lady Hornets improved through 2010-11 season

The Frazee Lady Hornet girls' basketball team finished the season with a 10-18 record, and was highly competitive in a stringent Heart O'Lakes Conference.

The Lady Hornets were led by guard Alexis Tappe, who notched 375 points (13.4 ppg), which included 44 three pointers and a 73.3 free throw percentage.

She also did the job defensively, leading the team in steals with 99, and also was tops in the assist department with 115 (4.1 per game).

Forward McKinzie Tangen was Frazee's top rebounder with 163 boards, while leading the way in blocks with 12. Tangen also was the team's third-leading scorer with 179 points.

Ashley Bachmann also had a solid year from the field, draining 253 points, while sinking a total of 58 three pointers on the season.

Tappe was named to the HOL All-Conference team, while Tangen and Bachmann earned Honorable Mentioned tags, and Chloe Streeper was named to the Academic All-State team.

The team earned the Silver Award for its collective 3.59 GPA, as well.

Hornet final stats

Frazee girls' basketball 2010-11 final stats -- Record: 10-18.

Scoring stats (2-3-ftm-fta-pts) -- Taylor Tappe 30-1-26-59-89; Heidi Seeger 2-1-1-3-8; Kristi Smith 20-22-9-16-115; Jeni Bergstrom 1-0-0-0-2; Alexis Tappe 94-44-55-75-375; Sam Barker 2-0-0-0-4; Katie McCorquodale 14-8-17-34-69; McKinzie Tangen 64-0-51-86-179; Ilse Rue 1-0-0-0-2; Paige Hanson 0-1-0-0-3; Sadie Stender 51-0-25-63-127; Chloe Streeper 18-0-8-14-44; Morgan Hastings 3-0-2-9-8; Grace Lacey 0-0-1-2-1; Ashley Bachmann 31-58-17-23-253. TEAM: 331-135-212-384-1,279.

Misc. stats (rbd-assists-steals) -- Tappe 67-22-18; Seeger 4-3-2; Smith 63-61-48; Bergstrom 1-1-3; A. Tappe 155-115-99; Barker 2-0-0; McCorquodale 29-29-24; Tangen 163-44-43; Rue 2-0-1; Hanson 1-2-2; Stender 126-59-26; Streeper 52-30-10; Hastings 9-4-2; Lacey 6-1-1; Bauer 2-0-0; Bachmann 93-25-34. TEAM: 775-396-313.

Frazee team award winners -- Most Valuable Player: Alexis Tappe...Defensive Player of the Year: A. Tappe and McKinzie Tangen...Hustle Award: Taylor Tappe...Most Improved Player: T. Tappe...Lady Hornet Award: T. Tappe, Chloe Streeper...Captains for 2011-12: Tangen and A. Tappe.

Heart O'Lakes All-Conference: A. Tappe, Tangen (Honorable Mentioned) and Bachmann (Honorable Mentioned)...Acedemic All-State: Chloe Streeper.