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Ironman Parent Child Scramble

Ian (9) and Mike Simonich1 / 2
Joey (7) and Mike Simonich2 / 2

A FULL house of participants made their way to Ironman Golf Course for the Parent Child Scramble. Twenty teams maxed out the 9 hole golf course as they played an 18 hole improvement scramble, where the second nine played could only improve on the scores from the first nine.

It is the first time we have ever had a SWEEP in the two divisions. Joey and Mike Simonich won the 8 and under division with a three under 24! Mike paired with his other son Ian to win the 9 and older division with a two under 25. It took an even par or better score to gain a prize in the 8 and under division!

This concludes one of our best week long tournaments in recent history. The weather helps, but it was fun to see ample participation in the girls division, the older boys division as well as the Wee Tee tournament that kicks off our week on Wednesday. We will go to a morning and afternoon tournament for the parent child scramble next year, as we had to turn away seven groups on the waiting list!

Golf is a wonderful sport where great shots excite us and we learn to overcome the bad shots and move on. Mini-Life lessons are presented to us constantly as we strive to get better at this game.

Thanks to all the participants and the parental support this past week.