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Three's doom Detroit Lakes boys' basketball in two losses

Some teams live and die by the three-point shot, unfortunately for the Detroit Lakes boys' basketball team, it's been killing them as of late.

The Lakers last two opponents -- Crosby-Ironton and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton -- have each netted 11 treys apiece in their wins over DL Saturday and Tuesday.

The Rebels used six threes in the second half to overcome a 46-27 halftime deficit to steal a 77-74 win.

Tuesday, the threes kept raining on the Lakers, as Crosby-Ironton bolted out to a 19-0 lead with seven bombs from beyond the arc on their way to a 76-47 triumph.

The losses drop DL to 3-11, including seven defeats out of their last eight games.

After the Lakers piled on 46 points in the first half against the home-team D-G-F Rebels (with Reed Oistad nailing three treys), Cody Bergee took over in the second half.

The combo of Bergee and Taylor Johnson pulled the Rebels back in the game, as the duo combined for 39 points.

The perimeter shooting by Bergee netted him 27 of his game-high 32 points in the second half scoring barrage, including five three pointers.

Johnson maintained a scoring presence with 13 of his 15 points in the second half.

The Lakers went cold, scoring just 28 points in the second half, as DGF's defense held Oistad to two points.

"It was the tale of two halves," said DL head coach Robb Flint. "Reed (Oistad) controlled the game in the first half."

The Rangers piled it on Tuesday early, as Mark Hoge scored 13 points in the first half, along with a trio of three's by Matt Hudrlik for a 19-0 start.

"We weren't mentally ready to play," Flint said. "We got down 19-0 and that's difficult to comeback from, especially on the road."

The Lakers will host Mid-State Conference foe Wadena-Deer Creek (8-5) which is in the midst of a four-game winning streak.

Laker results

Detroit Lakes at Crosby-Ironton, Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Lakers 17 30 - 47

Rangers 44 32 - 76

Scoring (2-3-ftm-fta-pts)

DL: Joe Mollberg 2-1-0-0-7; Tyler Fode 2-0-0-0-4; Connor McLeod 0-1-0-0-3; Connor Hedstrom 1-0-0-0-2; Brian Labat 1-0-0-0-2; Reed Oistad 2-0-0-0-4; Josh Stalberger 3-0-1-2-7; Alex Guetter 3-0-2-2-8; Zane Kotschevar 2-0-2-2-6; Kyle Muckenhirn 2-0-0-0-4. Team: 18-2-5-6-47.

CI: Steve Kuhlman 2-0-5-6-9; Mike Girte 1-1-0-0-5; Mat Hudrlik 1-3-0-0-11; Tyler Dickie 1-1-0-0-5; Mark Hoge 6-1-0-0-15; Sam Baker 4-0-1-2-9; Brock Tesdahl 3-2-1-1-13; Tyler Snook 0-3-0-0-9. Team: 18-11-7-9-76.

Detroit Lakes at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, Saturday, Jan. 24.

Lakers 46 28 - 74

Rebels 27 50 - 77

DL: Max Knoll 3-0-0-0-6; Mollberg 3-0-2-2-8; Fode 3-1-2-2-11; Mike Beeson 2-0-0-0-4; Labat 1-0-0-0-2; Oistad 2-3-1-1-14; Stalberger 4-0-2-3-10; Guetter 0-0-1-2-1; Kotschevar 3-0-1-5-7; Muckenhirn 5-0-1-2-11. Team: 26-4-10-17-74.

DGF: Cody Bergee 6-6-2-3-32; Taylor Johnson 6-0-3-7-15; Andrew Oppegard 1-0-0-0-2; Jedre Cyr 0-0-0-2-0; Jared Roelofs 3-0-3-4-9; Cole Crabtree 0-2-2-2-8; Chris Clark 0-3-0-0-9; Blake Standfield 1-0-0-1-2. Team: 17-11-10-21-77.