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Detroit Lakes third-best in Top 10 meet

DL's Jessica Stelter performs her floor routine during the Top 10 True Team meet in Perham Saturday.

The return of freshman Natalie Hoffert provided a much-needed boost for the Detroit Lakes gymnastics team, which finished third overall in the Top 10 True Team meet in Perham Saturday.

After going the majority of the season with just four gymnasts on the varsity rotation, the Lakers were five strong with Hoffert's return -- she injured her ankle during the first week of the season and hadn't seen any action since.

"Natalie competed in one meet for us on bars and then hurt her ankle," said DL head coach Jenny Whipple. "She was key for us (during the True Team meet). Everyone did well for us. It was fun, everyone enjoyed watching the rest of the teams when we were on break."

Unfortunately for Hoffert and the Lakers, she may have reinjured herself during the meet, with her status for future meets unknown, Whipple said.

The top 10 ranked teams from Class 1A were invited to the meet, which five-time state champion Perham hosted and eventually claimed with a score of 181.375 (scores are calculated differently than at a regular gymnastics meet).

Becker nipped DL out for second, outscoring the Lakers 178.175 to 175.725.

Becker gained two more points on beam and another on vault to tip the scales their way.

The Lakers gathered a total of nine 9.0's or better.

Leading the way for DL on bars was Kristi Hoppert with a 9.225, while Jessica Stelter scored a team-high 9.3 on beam.

DL's floor leader was Stelter with a 9.175; she also notched a 9.275 on vault. She led the way in all-around as well, with a score of 36.525.

Other all-around scores for the Lakers included Courtney Einerson with a 35.4, Hoppert with a 35.25, Amy Crawford netting a 34.475 and Hoffert a 34.075.

The Lakers finished third last year in the Top 10 meet as well.

"They've all done well and we're happy with where we're at now," Whipple included.

The gymnastics team will not be in action again until Saturday, Feb. 14, when they travel to the Red River Invite for a 2 p.m. start.

Laker results

Top 10 True Team in Perham, Saturday. Jan. 31

Perham 181.375

Becker 178.175

Lakers 175.725

Sartell/St.Stephen 171.55

Melrose 171.325

Martin County West 171.05

Jackson County Central 169.075

Delano 168.375

Annandale 167.2

Redwood Valley 167.05

DL event results-- Bars: Courtney Einerson 9.1; Kristi Hoppert 9.225; Amy Crawford 9.15; Jessica Stelter 8.775; Natalie Hoffert 8.875... Beam: Einerson 8.6; Hoppert 8.45; Crawford 7.65; Stelter 9.3; Hoffert 8.8... Floor: Einerson 9.0; Hoppert 8.4; Crawford 8.45; Stelter 9.175; Hoffert 8.55... Vault: Einerson 8.7; Hoppert 9.175; Crawford 9.225; Stelter 9.275; Hoffert 7.85... All-around: Einerson 35.4; Hoppert 35.25; Crawford 34.475; Stelter 36.525; Hoffert 34.075.