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Frazee gymnasts post personal best scores in Moorhead meet

FRAZEE - The Frazee gymnastics team finished second to the Moorhead Black squad by .7 of a point in the Moorhead Invitational Jan. 17.

There were several personal best scores posted by the Hornets, including Quincy Mickelson's 6.6 on bars and Tiffany Haugen tied her vault best with an 8.1.

"Emma Buhr (6.95 score) had a good day on the floor, landing all her passes and danced nicely," said Frazee head coach Amie Erickson. "She just has to work on her height."

Buhr had a strong vault with an 8.2 and had a good beam routine with a 6.05.

Mickelson had some difficulty with her first tumbling pass, but still notched a 6.375, while taking a 6.6 on bars to place third.

"Quincy's vault needs to shower her half and half off better, but she has great pre and post flight," Erickson said. "Although she fell on her one jump on beam, she had a nice wolf and stuck her cartwheels for a 6.35."

Alane Sauer had a 7.5 on floor to place third and took fourth on bars for a 6.05.

"Bars became an act of creativity when Alane realized she wouldn't make her squat on so she threw a sole circle release regrasp to the high bar," Erickson said.

Sauer also scored a 7.0 on beam for fourth.

Jessica Irish had a solid 6.95 on floor and a 5.5 on bars.

"Her ankle and quad were really painful today, yet she ran hard and squeezed for an 8.075 personal best handspring half vault," Erickson said. "Fatigue was evident throughout the meet, but considering their aches and pains, they pushed themselves hard and performed as best as they could given the situation.

"I am very proud of the progress the girls have made and am looking forward to seeing where we go with the remainder of the season."