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Laker swimming and diving team competes well in Fergus Falls

The final score was not indicative of how the Detroit Lakes girls’ swimming and diving team performed Thursday in Fergus Falls.

The Lakers finished third in the triangular against Fergus Falls and Moorhead, but still produced good times and performances despite their final tally of 375.

“We had a pretty good meet,” said DL head coach Carol McCarthy. “The meet was a good chance for most of the swimmers to try other events other than what they typically swim.

“Many of the swimmers have chosen to go for an inner-squad challenge of swimming all eight individual swimming events, which is called the Laker Ironwoman.”

Some swimmers even take the challenge to a higher level, which is called the Laker Ironwoman Fantastic, and attempt to qualify for the Section 8-1A meet in every event.

Seventh-grader Syd Gulon completed her LIF challenge in Fergus Falls, while about a dozen other swimmers are nearing the Ironwoman and LIF distinction, as well. 

The 200-meter free relay of Grace Livermore, Maddy Schiller, Clara Livermore and Syd Gulon took DL’s sole first-place finish with a time of 1:50.34.

Gulon was second in the 200 individual medley, while Grace Livermore was runner-up in the 100 backstroke and Clara Livermore second in the 100 breaststroke. 

“It was also a great showing by our young diving team,” McCarthy said.

“Kyley Foster was out with an ear infection, but the younger girls Emma Disse, Lexi Yliniemi and Cora Okeson (second, third and fifth-place finishes, respectively) really stepped up for us on Thursday.”

The Lakers have their first regular home meet Tuesday, against Perham, starting at 6 p.m. inside the BTD Aquatics Center. 

Detroit Lakes at Fergus Falls, Thursday, Sept. 19

Team results: Fergus Falls 522, Moorhead 482, Detroit Lakes 375

DL event result – 200 medley relay: 5. DL A (Abbi Smith, Peach Arens, McKenna Krengel, Jocelyn Skoda) 2:18.07; 8. DL B (Josie Retz, Addi Young, Maddie Henderson, Erica Nelson) 2:30.28; 11. DL C (Baehlee Ruchti, Berit Ramstad-Skoyles, Anna Schumacher, Ella Henderson) 2:37.39…200 individual medley: 2. Syd Gulon 2:30.61; 7. Krengel 2:52.08; 8. Arens 2:52.33; 11. Retz 3:02.11…50 freestyle: 4. Maddy Schiller 28.93; 8. Smith 30.00; 10. Maddie Henderson 30.76; 12. E. Henderson 31.36…Diving: 2. Emma Disse 174.25; 3. Lexy Yliniemi 171.90; 5. Corra Okeson 148.60…100 butterfly: 6. Skoda 1:19.52; 8. Clara Livermore 1:25.34…100 freestyle: 7. Nelson 1:10.07; 8. Sam Hanson 1:10.50; 14. Ruchti 1:16.02…500 freestyle: 5. Smith 6:46.75; 8. E. Henderson 7:21.23; 9. Arens 7:26.32; 11. Young 7:38.88…200 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Schiller, Grace Livermore, C. Livermore, Gulon) 1:50.34; 5. DL B (M. Henderson, Hanson, Eisse, Nelson) 2:06.40; 7. DL C (Anna Schumacher, Ramstad-Skoyles, Ruchti, Young) 2:14.43…100 backstroke: 2. G. Livermore 1:08.72; 5. Krengel 1:20.18; 8. Schumacher 1:27.79; 19. Gracie Bellware 1:56.09…100 breaststroke: 2. C. Livermore 1:16.63; 5. Gulon 1:21.14; 9. Schiller 1:27.57; 11. Young 1:33.90…400 freestyle relay: 3. DL A (G. Livermore, Skoda, Schiller, Gulon) 4:12.45; 5. DL B (Smith, Hanson, Krengel, C. Livermore) 4:41.11; 6. DL C (E. Henderson, Arens, Retz, M. Henderson) 4:46.77; 11. DL D (Ramstad-Skoyles, Ruchti, Bellware, Schumacher) 5:39.23.