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All-City champion golfers crowned

The seventh annual Detroit Lakes All-City Golf Championships were held through the summer, with each division crowning its champions.

In the boys’ division, grades 10-11 was claimed by Tanner Schnathorst with 200 total points (which are accumulated after playing at four different courses).

The grade nine division was won tied by Aaron Schnathorst and Isaac Cihak, each with 180 points, the eighth grade division was won by Ryan Paskey with 195 points, while the seventh graders was taken by Logan Burhans and the fifth-sixth grade won by Hunter Burnside.

The girls’ division nine through 11th grade was tied by each of Sydney Busker and Katie Larson.

Boys division results:

Grade 10-11: Tanner Schnathorst 200 points; Austin Fritz 130, Ben Mallow 40, Luke Payne 35, Austin Dodd 35.

Grade 9: Aaron Schnathorst 180, Isaac Cihak 180, Ryan Genz 67, Sam Busker 40, Ben Roth 40, Zane Freeman 30, Byron VanGerpen 19.

Grade 8: Ryan Paskey 195, Ben Unruh 145, Wyatt Blomseth 118, Mason Blank 78, Ryan Wheeler 69, Micah Beiser 19, Trey Seebold 9.

Grade 7: Logan Burhans 180, George Christensen 150, Tyler Burnside 140.

Grade 5-6: Hunter Burnside 200, Nick Hess 110, Lucas Justeson 70.

Girls division results:

Grade 9-11: Sydney Busker 50, Katie Larson 50.

Grades 7-8: Busker 150, Matty Herzog 130, Lauren Tschider 100.