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Nordic ski teams ready for the trails after snow falls

Not everyone was frowning this past week when the skies dropped almost a foot of snow, thus propelling winter on all of us.

The Detroit Lakes boys' and girls' Nordic skiing teams finally will have a full season with a crucial component for their sport -- snow.

"The snow will really help because last year we didn't have anything all season," said DL head Nordic ski coach Dan Josephson. "We were out Monday night skiing, which was nice."

The boys' team will be a bit shorthanded during the season, with four starting on varsity, but all with good experience.

Taking to the trails will be seniors Ben Strege and Matt Beilke, along with freshmen Dylan Ramstad-Skoyles and Jake Richards.

"I can see them finishing in the top half of each meet," Josephson said of his boys' squad.

"They all did the work in the offseason and made some good improvement."

The Laker girls will have up to six competing in meets.

Seniors Emma Johnson, Chelsey Cummings and Polly Olson, junior Alana King, sophomore Molly Johnson and senior newcomer Danelle Olson all will be competing in varsity meets.

"We have a few seniors on the team to help out, and we've had a good showing in numbers in the lower grades as well," Josephson said.

The DL coach added the teams will not have enough depth to compete for team titles, but individually, the Lakers could be contenders in the section.

But the numbers are also building.

"We do have a lot of kids coming up, with about 16-17 eighth graders out," Josephson said.

The Lakers will have a home meet at Maplelag Resort Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.