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Shot of a lifetime bags big buck

SUBMITTED PHOTO Ryan Derstine with the eight-point buck he bagged with a long shot from a tree stand.

Detroit Lakes resident Ryan Derstine bagged his biggest buck of the firearm deer season, and in his entire life of hunting, last Sunday.

And it was a heck of a shot that took the 8-point buck down.

Derstine said that one of his uncles thought it was a 425-yard shot, after pacing the distance off.

The buck was shot on land owned by his uncle, Lonnie Perrine, located between Frazee and Perham.

Getting the big one was Derstine's aim this season.

"I was going to go after a trophy until the last weekend, and then it's just meat," Derstine said.

Instead of settling, Derstine saw the buck while up in his tree stand, and he took careful aim.

"It was a long, decent shot," Derstine said.

He said he used a 30.06 with a Simmons scope.

The shot broke the buck's back, Derstine said. It wasn't down, yet, and Derstine said he walked a little closer for the kill shot.

Derstine said that Perrine and another uncle purposely leave the young bucks alone during the season.

"They let the small bucks go to mature," Derstine said. "It gives them a chance to grow up."

That program is part of Quality Deer Management whose mission is it to educate hunters and non-hunters alike on deer habitat.

Derstine said he will mount the antlers on a Minnesota-shaped plaque.

He said he will save a full head mounting for a bigger buck, maybe in the 10 to 12-point range.