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State Patrol, DNR report 2009 violations

The Minnesota State Patrol and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have released violation numbers for 2009.

The numbers below reflect some of the activities handled by troopers of the Detroit Lakes State Patrol office and is not a list of every incident or call.

Property damage crashes: 108 in December, 1,020 for 2009.

Injury crashes: 26 in December, 223 for 2009.

Fatal crashes: 2 in December, 8 in 2009.

DWI arrests: 23 in December, 204 in 2009.

Assist other agencies: 103 in December, 1,150 for 2009.

Vehicles off road: 198 in December, 948 in 2009.

Motorist assists: 108 in December, 1,273 in 2009.

Statewide violations include

MSP units damaged: 24 in December, 237 for 2009.

Wrong way driver: 105 in December, 1,119 for 2009.

Vehicle fires: 52 in December, 665 in 2009.

School bus stop arm violations: 26 in December, 95 during September-December.

The Minnesota DNR has finalized information related to baiting violations that were investigated by Minnesota conservation officers during the 2009 deer seasons.

Conservation officers received 545 baiting complaints during the 2009 deer seasons (archery, firearms, muzzleloader), resulting in 129 citations being issued and 140 firearms seized.

Half of the conservation officers encountered other hunting violations while conducting baiting investigations, including tagging/validation violations, 52 percent; no license, 27 percent; and trespass, 25 percent.

Apples, corn and sugar beets dispersed in open areas figured in 87 percent of deer baiting cases this season.

Officers reported that nearly 60 percent of the hunters who were cited for violations admitted to conservation officers that they knew baiting was illegal, but chose to do it anyway.

Deer baiting is strategically placing a pile of food near deer stands or clearings in hopes of luring a deer into close range. Nationally, 28 states ban the practice in any form, while 22 allow it (eight with significant restrictions).