Weather Forecast


Good weather, fishing

It was a good week of fishing for most anglers in our area. The weather cooperated nicely again until Super Bowl Sunday. There were lots of ice fisherman out with the good weather and good bite.

The walleye bite for me was in 16 to 18 feet of water off a midlake hump. The fish were holding just off the edge of the sand grass on the bottom. Aggressive jigging to call fish in and then a more subtle jig, hold, slow lift and drop has been working the best. Best baits have been buckshot rattle jigs in the perch colors or two-tone Swedish pimples with gold, pink, red, and green combinations. You will get a mix of northern pike and perch action as well.

The bait shops have been selling a good amount of pan fish jigs, wax worms and crappie minnows. If I were a pan fish fisherman I would pay attention to that fact and ask your bait guy what the top selling jigs and colors have been.

We are at the time of year now with lots of winter activities will be taking place during the weekends. You can fill your time up enjoying events, mixing in some fishing and before you know it, we will be at the FM area flood watch time.

The Polar plunge and all the Polar Fest activities have just taken place by the time you are reading this, and you can look forward to upcoming snowmobile runs, races, and classic events. These bring more people to our area for winter events, and some will be trying ice fishing in our area. Help out some of our tourists with a little fishing info to help them out. You don't need to give away your "honey hole." If you have ever visited some place else and met unfriendly fisherman you know exactly what I mean. Lets be a part of showing good fellowship and sportsmanship so we can all be proud to call ourselves fisherman. It means something to be an outdoor sportsman, it's about the quality of our outdoor spirit and good nature. I for one don't want to be a part of giving fishermen a bad name, and I hope you can use fishing as a great release from your daily stresses to be a more relaxed and respectful member of our community. Make your next outing about the enjoyment of the sport.

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)