Weather Forecast


Slow bite throughout northern Minnesota

The Walleye, Bass, and Northern season is now closed for inland waters. It is still open at Lake of the Woods.

The bite has been slow for the last week in our area here and the report from LOW is the same. Typically, the bite at LOW heats up again in March.

Fish houses need to be off south of hwy 10 and 59, and those that are north of that boundary have two more weeks. There is a lot of snow cover, some slush areas and saturated ice, so keep an eye on conditions and weather to make your house removal easier and less stressful. The weather has been unseasonably cold this last week with multiple cold fronts and high wind situations. We are at the time of year were we should get break in the weather and a warming trend. The sun gets more powerful, arrives earlier in the morning and stays with us later in the day.

You should see some nice days to go fish for pan fish over the next two to three weeks.

I have been disappointed to hear of so many fish houses getting broken into and having things stolen from them this winter. It is usually a small group that is doing this to multiple groups of houses on multiple lakes. It is inconvenient to have to load up all your equipment every time you leave, but it reduces temptations and is easier than replacing rods, reels, fish finders, augers and all the other goodies these thieves are looking for. If you see suspicious behavior or know anything, please report to local law enforcement or the Sheriff department. A few can wreck things for the many, and we all need to watch out for one another.

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)