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Get out on open water for panfish

We are ice free! It is open water pan fish time now. Most good crappie and sunfish waters should get into full swing this week as they start to move to shallow spawning beds. Darker, shallow lakes will warm first and the active bite will start with these waters.

Look for the fish holding weed beds in shallow bays and along north shorelines to get going early, as they warm quickly as well. Small jigs with twister tails, or crappie minnows, jigged back to the boat just above weeds will help locate fish. Fishing with small jigs or hooks with minnows under a bobber is always fun and a great way to get the kids involved.

We have some shore fishing opportunities in the area as well. Public docks on Little Detroit Lake and Lake Sallie are available and placed in proven fish catching areas. Consult with your "baitman" to stay on top of what is working and get the lead on other shore fishing options.

The walleyes started coming in for the yearly contribution to our DNR stocking program on Tuesday, and by the time you are reading this they should be all done.

I am writing this Wednesday as I am back up to the Rainy River to enjoy the walleye bite still going on up there. The season is still open there until April 14, so you still have a couple of days to go jump in on that action. After the walleye season closes, some anglers from the area go up to enjoy the active bite for Sturgeon as that season will be open. By next Sunday I will have a review on the Rainy River rush, and I will have more specific information about what is occurring with our local fishing situation.