Weather Forecast


Random thoughts on the opener

I love this time of year. It is encouraging just to see all the public accesses all ready for us and all the docks and lifts in the lakes. We know our summer fishing is taking another step forward.

This past week we have experienced even more cold, wind and rain. These fronts dropped water temps eight to 10 degrees and shut the door on what had been a very active pan fish bite. That bite will warm up as the weather and water temps warm back up. The minnow runs stopped also, and will become active when the sun shines and water warms again. When the minnows start doing their thing again we will have a more active game fish bite as well.

Look for fish to be shallow and relating to the inside or outside edge of weed lines. The large flats that extend into main lake areas that are close to deep water will be holding fish.

Since I am writing this on Wednesday it is difficult to give you an opening day report. I will give a first week report in your next Sunday article. I am expecting we are having success if the forecast stayed true. It seems like a long time between beautiful opening weekends. They somehow don't seem as memorable as the rain, cold, wind, and snow openers. We all like to talk about enduring and surviving through another rotten-weather Minnesota opening weekend. Those experiences always seem to be the more memorable ones.

Opener is so much more to us than being able to keep a few Walleyes or Northern Pike for the table. It is about family, friends, kids, fellowship, and enjoying the outdoors. This weekend has become a holiday of sorts, a baptism into adulthood and sportsmanship. I have to admit that years ago I judged my success on the number of fish caught. Now I judge my success on my ability to enjoy the sport of fishing, fishing is fun and relaxing, and yes, catching is even more fun.