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Give the bass some love, too

This is the weekend that Bass fishing comes into play for many anglers around the state. I know I often focus my attention and information on walleyes and sometimes neglect covering some of the other angling opportunities in our area.

Bass are still active in shallow water and are on the feed. Live bait and artificial will both work. They are relating to shallow weed cover, docks and slack water adjacent to current areas.

We have some smallmouth lakes in the area as well as the very plentiful largemouth. The more popular and plentiful smallmouth lakes include Cormorant, Pelican, Island and White Earth. Active largemouth lakes include Long, Cotton, Floyd, Big and Little Detroit, and Lake Melissa.  

Fish have not roamed to far from spawning areas. Walleye are still active in shallow water. Check the six to 11 foot water on larger flats that extend into the main lake. They are also relating to cabbage weeds. If you find cabbage on the edge of a flat, next to deep water, you have a spot that will hold fish. Areas on the flats that have clam beds, a change in weed growth, rocks or gravel, or a depression in the flat are fish attracting areas and should help you with fish catching success.

Shiner minnows on jigs/rigs are still taking most of the fish. The slip bobber is not just a good weapon for pan fish, as that technique is catching a lot of walleyes in our area and is sometimes an easier way to extract fish out of the weeds. Leeches or minnows on the business end of your bobber presentation will work. When fishing bobbers for walleyes, make sure to vary the depth to find out were they are feeding that day. Sometimes the fish are taking those baits inches from the bottom weed growth and sometimes they are feeding a couple of feet off the bottom. They feed up, so having that bait slightly higher than they are swimming around in the weeds will help your fish catching success.

We are coming out of a full moon period and for the next week our days will get longer. You will be able fish until close to 10 p.m. with good light. The night fishing for some walleye anglers will also continue to be good. Lighted slip bobbers or trolling crank baits in shallow water have been the producing nighttime tactics. Have fun and be safe on the water. (Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)