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DNR building always popular at fair

The Department of Natural Resources is not just another law enforcement agency, but an organization that seeks to preserve the environment and local animal habitats through a variety of means.

Local DNR officers hope to get this message across with their building at the Becker County Fair.

"We just are kind of here to answer questions that the public has, clear up their understanding," said Joe Stattelman, a DNR officer.

"Just basically educate the community on what the DNR is and what it's all about."

The DNR building is actually quite fascinating. Included within it are a variety of mounted animals for the public to view, as well as some living ones.

There are also a number of booths to look at and take materials from, such as one that spells out the hazards of burning your own garbage in a steel drum.

And, of course, there are DNR officers -- each with a different focus of knowledge-- available to answer questions.

The DNR building has been successful thus far, showing that the public has a strong interest in taking care of the environment.

"It's been pretty steady coming through," Stattelman said.

"This time of year, it just seems to fall right with the upcoming deer seasons ... That's kind of our big focus," he added.

Deer season may be the focus, but the DNR building hopes to broadly touch on all major issues associated with the local environment, and do so in a friendly, welcoming, and above all, interesting and fun way.

After all, people come to the fair to be entertained, not preached at.

The DNR recognizes this and cleverly disguises its educational value.

So take a break from Midway and stop by the DNR building next year.