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Internet has great impact on fishing

Last week I discussed the significant changes in fishing equipment and the industry as a whole. One area I did not mention, that I reserved to follow up with this week, is the impact and value that the Internet also has on fishing in the new millennium.

Information on all aspects relating to fishing is available at your fingertips. You can look up lake information, weather reports, lodging options, travel directions, updated fishing reports and even articles with the latest, most innovative techniques to improve your insights and fishing skills.

Almost all of the fishing websites have links to other websites that can continue to expand your ability to prepare before heading out on a fishing trip. On many of the fishing sites you can buy and sell boats and fishing equipment.  Many sites have social interaction opportunities so you can get very specific information or opinions about almost everything relating to fishing.

I will share a few of my favorites and you can start expanding and exploring from these sites.

One of the must visit sites will be the Minnesota DNR website. This is a very complete site with everything from regulation information, licenses you can purchase online, lake maps, stocking programs and everything you need or want to know about fishing in Minnesota. Go to

Some sites that can provide you with some excellent reading and information will include, but are not limited to:,,,,,,, and

You will discover other sites as you explore these sites and develop your own group of favorites. You can reference these sites to feed the "fisherman in you" when weather or time keeps you off the water.

You can find instructional sites that can occupy your time like:, this site can keep you learning and practicing more fishing knots than you will ever use.

The Internet can be a tool for your fishing and learning. Don't ever let it interfere with the best learning tool for improving your fishing...time on the water. We have several more weeks to enjoy the open water before the winter fishing season is here. Get out and enjoy!

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)