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Fall projects done? Now it's time for some open water fishing

As we close the book on September you may want to make a list of what you need to do as we wind down the open water season.

This gets to be a busy time with household projects, winterization, hunting preparation, and fall sports seasons.

You will start to see docks and lifts disappearing from the lakes. You may want to make arrangements now if you haven't already for removing your docks and lifts, winterizing your boat, and making storage arrangements.

If you are certain you are going to be able to get more fishing in you can put off winterizing your boat, but you will want to get all your other fall projects out of the way to make room for time on the water.

I believe we will still have about six more weeks of open water fishing. The water levels are as high as I have seen for this time of year. With the weather we have been having it doesn't look like you will have to contend with shallow water at the accesses like we have had in some past years.

Some of the docks will not be available in the fall, so you need to plan for launching your boat without the docks.

It will be easier with the high water this year. Some of the lakes that have hazard and channel markers will be without those this time of year also, so make sure you are navigating safe water.

Be smart if exploring new water or are unsure of hazard locations. You may also need to pay attention to net markers and nets in the lakes. Some of the lakes in the area will have netting going on over the next few weeks that you do not encounter during the spring and summer seasons.

Night fishing can be very popular this time of year, especially since we get dark so much earlier.

Make sure you have a good look at your lake with daylight before jumping out at night and "running into" problems.

Water temps have dropped below 60 degrees and will continue to drop so make sure you have proper gear and personal flotation handy. Have proper weather gear, have lights, and keep a cell phone with you.

If you are heading out alone make sure someone knows where you are going and about what time you will be getting back.

If you have problems let someone know right away. Cold weather and cold water temps bring out the worst in batteries, electronics, and equipment.

Get out for some fall fishing and enjoy some of the best that fall colors have to offer over the next couple of weeks. Remember always, safety first.