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DNR produces two 30-minute ice fishing podcasts

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released the latest in its series of audio programs for winter fishing enthusiasts titled "Ice Fishing Tips."

The two 30-minute shows were recorded in a format that can be downloaded from the DNR's Web site and listened to on a computer or portable audio device such as an iPod or Zune.

The ice fishing shows feature professional angler "Tackle" Terry Tuma and DNR ice safety specialist Tim Smalley. DNR Information Officer Steve Carroll serves as the host.

"Terry provides insight on a variety of topics including jigging, how cold weather affects fish, understanding moods of fish, planning an ice fishing trip, and using minnow heads with jigs," Smalley said. "I give tips for checking ice thickness and conditions, dealing with slushy conditions, developing a plan if something goes wrong, why ice anglers should carry a cell phone, and other helpful ice safety do's and don'ts."

Since 2005, the DNR has produced more than 100 podcast audio programs. Topics have included ice fishing, early season and fall walleye fishing, crappie fishing, deer hunting, duck hunting, and spring turkey hunting. Listeners have downloaded the various programs more than 435,000 times in the last two years.

"Podcasts are a cost-effective way of using technology to deliver information to folks who enjoy outdoor activities like ice fishing," Smalley said. "And the programs are portable; anglers can listen to the information on their home computer or on an iPod while sitting on a bucket out in the middle of the lake."