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Spinners can help you compete with readily available food

This last week we have continued with high temperatures, bright sunshine, and warm nights. We have experienced a significant rise in water temperature over the last two weeks and most area lakes have surface temps over 70 degrees and into the mid-to high 70's during the heat of the day. With this hot weather we have turned the corner, and are definitely into a summer pattern for fishing your favorite species. Because the hot weather is here does not mean the fish quit biting. A change of tactic is sometimes required to get you back on the bite.

Fishing with spinners becomes one of the options. With the summer pattern here, almost all different species chasers realize the benefits of spinners to increase catches. The vibration, noise, and high flash that spinners offer can create a reaction bite.

We are competing against a high forage base and readily available food for all fish during this summer pattern. The vibration, noise, and flash can tip the scale to our advantage to fool a few more fish to taking our offerings, over what nature is already providing.

Spinners have been around a long time and continue to be used to catch almost all fish that swim because they work. Many blade types, sizes, and colors have been developed so anglers can almost get overwhelmed with the choices available. Ask your bait dealer, other anglers, and pay attention to what is missing off the shelf at the bait store to help you purchase what is currently working.

Experienced crappie fishermen have long known the benefits of using beetlespins along weed edges to continue catching their favorite fish even during the summer period. Largemouth Bass fisherman will use the wide variety of high action spinnerbaits around docks and weeds during the summer season to bring fish to the boat. Muskie and Northern Pike hunters will cast and retrieve bucktail spinners, cowgirls, and many variations of the basic spinnerbait to pry fish from their hunting grounds. Walleye anglers will use bottom bouncer weights to pull in-line spinner rigs baited with night crawlers, leeches, or some of the new artificial baits. These rigs can be fished along deep weed edges or over deep mid-lake structure to produce summer catches. This presentation provides an opportunity to cover water fast and pick off the aggressive, active fish. You can purchase pre-tied rigs or tie up your own to get the action and colors you want. Trout enthusiasts will utilize spinners trolled with snap on weights to catch summertime rainbow trout in lakes and the brown trout fisherman still hunting the rivers will find success with the classic Mepps spinner or other similar high vibration spinners.

Make sure you bring the bug spray if you fish until dark now, as the mosquitoes are also on the bite after all this warm weather. Nothing can put a damper on your fun fishing time like getting chewed alive by those little buggers.

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)