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Minnesota PF chapters help habitat in 2011

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever announce that the 75 Minnesota Pheasants Forever chapters and 25,000 members statewide completed more than 790 habitat projects in 2011, benefiting pheasants and other wildlife on 10,105 acres of public and private land. Minnesota Pheasants Forever will hold its annual state meeting at the Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point, Minnesota on Jan. 20 - 21 to recognize these achievements and the volunteers that made them possible.

Since 1982, Pheasants Forever has raised more than $52 million for Minnesota's wildlife habitat efforts. Minnesota chapters have also participated in land acquisitions totaling 33,770 acres since the organization's founding. All Minnesota Pheasants Forever land acquisitions are accomplished in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and/or the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Land acquisitions are then opened to the public for hunting and other compatible outdoor recreation activities. Following are details of Minnesota's 2011 Habitat Accomplishments:

Total Project: 792

Total 2011 Acres: 10,105

Hisotrical Project Totals: 25,019

Total Acres Benefited: 224,168

Additionally, Pheasants Forever Habitat Teams restored or enhanced 6,153 acres in cooperation with farmers and private landowners. Their work included 3,009 acres of grassland restoration and 3,144 acres of prescribed fire, with 1,248 of these acres being management or restoration of public lands habitat. Minnesota's five Pheasants Forever's Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists worked in partnership with hundreds of Minnesota landowners and farmers to enroll 5,530 acres of habitat into federal and statewide habitat conservation programs (e.g. Conservation Reserve Program, CRP). Pheasants Forever also played an integral role in the Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Partnership acquiring 1,284 acres that will become a Wildlife Management Area, managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for sharp-tailed grouse.

"After 29 years, Pheasants Forever members and volunteers continue to establish pheasant habitat one project at a time," explains Eran Sandquist, Pheasants Forever's regional wildlife biologist for northern Minnesota. "This weekend we will celebrate the rich history of Pheasants Forever's on the ground accomplishments in Minnesota, but also address the challenges our upland habitat may face in the coming years."