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New hunting gadgets tip the scales

Kevin Lempola shows off the newest hunting gadget, a portable blind with mirrors that you can set up in a field. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

One of the niftiest gadgets on the market for deer hunters is a folding set of mirrors called a "Ghost Blind."

"You can shoot from the middle of a field with this," said Kevin Lempola, co-owner of Delaney's Sports Center in Park Rapids.

He doesn't dare set up a demonstration in his parking lot for fear of it getting run over.

Lempola recalled a near miss when a disabled hunter was set up behind a Ghost Mirror near the intersection of a highway earlier this fall.

"He nearly got run over by deer," Lempola said.

Hunters are using the mirrors, which fold up into a handy carry-on, for turkeys and deer.

Whereas hunters have to leave their deer stands up permanently or at least several weeks before the season so the prey can get acclimated to them, the Ghost Mirror can be set up on a moment's notice.

It comes with tie downs to keep it from blowing away in the wind.

"White tails pick up on a regular blind," Lempola said. "You've gotta have them up (blinds) a couple weeks."

But with the Ghost Mirror, you only need a few more accoutrements to go with it.

"You can hunt the same day," Lempola said of its advantages.

Deer have a keen sense of smell, so you either need a lure scent, or one that erases the scent of humans.

There are dozens on the market of each variety.

Tried Eau de Cologne fresh doe scent? How about doe in estrus? Scent of making scrapes? Trail drag?

Each occupies space on a shelf at Delaney's or a more coveted spot in the fridge to preserve the ammonia.

"There's a whole line of products," Lempola said, pointing to the dozens of small bottles on shelves and display counters.

One new product is called Nose Jammer because it virtually blocks a deer from smelling anything.