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Fishing Lines - Here's some gift ideas for the sad doomsday prepper

If you are reading this article, than the end of the Mayan calendar prediction of some kind of apocalypse was about as accurate as the Y2K predictions. This means you must still continue to follow all the fishing laws, rules, limits, and regulations. I know with the good bite going on in our area, some of you were hoping for the social disorder so you could keep more fish as part of your "prepping" for the end of the world.

The good news is that we will all get to keep fishing through this ice-fishing season and have the next open water season ahead of us.

For those that were procrastinating getting holiday gifts because of the potential "end of the world" scenario (or just procrastinating because it is a part of our defects of character for some of us!), you still have time to get your gift giving done for that special angler in your life.

Getting gifts for people can be very challenging. Finding gifts for people that like to fish is very easy. We can never have too much fishing stuff. For bigger ticket items for the ice angler, portable fish houses, the new line-up of augers, underwater cameras, new sonar units, GPS units, Gore-Tex suits, or new ice-fishing boots are just some of the considerations.

For mid range gift ideas for the ice angler; heaters, rods, reels, gloves, hats, masks, lanterns, and portable electric fillet knifes always seem to be welcome gifts.

The line-up of stocking stuffer type gifts is considerable and can include, but is not limited to; jigs/jigging spoons, fishing line, hooks, headlights, bobbers, minnow buckets/nets, tackle containers, jig busters & clippers, needle nose pliers, laser glow lights, hand warmers, etc...etc...etc!

If you have difficulty knowing exactly what to get that special angler in your life, a gift certificate from a local bait shop will always be a very personal and appreciated gift.    

If the angler you have in mind is not an ice fisherman, but and open water angler, this holiday season is not too soon for gift giving for them also. Large ticket items for the open water fisherman would include things like; updating electronics such as sonar/GPS units or electric trolling motors.

More affordable gifts could include: rods, reels, drift sock, anchor, quality rain gear, cold weather gear, or a spotlight. The same kinds of stocking stuffer ideas mentioned above are also appropriate for the open water angler.

If your fisherman likes to pull or pitch crank baits, they make great stocking stuffer gifts as they can never have enough "cranks." Offers to clean and detail the boat can be a great gift from the kids that doesn't cost money...only time and attention. I have never known a boat owner that wouldn't love that as gift!

Be creative and get for them what you might like for yourself, or maybe what you know they might not get for themselves. Of course, as a guide, I would have to say that the gift of a guided trip, a launch trip, or a trip to a special fishing destination is an excellent idea!

If you aren't sure what kind of "stuff" your fisherperson wants, the gift certificate idea is a great one to fall back on here too. We fisherman will always need bait or something special from the bait shop.

Stay safe and have a blessed holiday. I am glad the Mayans had it wrong. I still have a lot of fishing left in me!

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)