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Hornets go 3-3, place sixth at The Clash XVI

Kaden Hiemenz and the Frazee Hornets picked up three victories and a sixth place finish at The Clash XVI tournament in Rochester. Tammie Nunn / Special to the Tribune

The No. 2A Frazee wrestling team finished sixth after a win and two losses on the opening day of The Clash XVI tournament in Rochester.

The Hornets responded with a pair of wins out of three matches in the sixth place bracket on the second day of competition Saturday afternoon.

Sixth bracket champs. Photo courtesy Twitter /  @TheClashMN

Frazee opened with a 37-24 loss to Oak Park River Forest, an Illinois high school, but rebounded with a 39-30 victory over No. 6AAA Shakopee for a spot in the fifth place match against No. 8AAA Owatonna.

Owatonna won that match 36-25.

The Hornets won the day two opening match Providence Catholic 39-23 and had a lead escape in the final four matches to tie Rapid City Central 35-35. The Hornets lost the match by a point via criteria f. Technical falls.

The final match of the tournament was against another Class AAA school in Rochester Mayo. The Hornets ended a strong run against stiff competition in blowout fashion defeating the Spartans 59-12 to capture the sixth bracket championship.

Frazee continues the season in tournament action Jan. 5-6 at Bemidji State University.

Team Note: Michael Miller also announced he has committed to wrestle at Concordia next year. 

Match Summaries

OPRF 37, Frazee 24

152 Joe Chapman (Oak Park River Forest) over Ricky Roforth (Frazee) Fall 1:39

160 Danny Lingen (Oak Park River Forest) over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) Dec 8-5

170 Tanner Eischens (Frazee) over Daemyen Middlebrooks (Oak Park River Forest) Dec 10-4

182 David Smith (Oak Park River Forest) over Coleton Borah (Frazee) Maj 11-3

195 Elijah Osit (Oak Park River Forest) over Gabe Drewes (Frazee) Dec 12-6

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Talvin Gibson (Oak Park River Forest) Dec 3-2

285 Tony Malikowski (Frazee) over Ashford Hollis (Oak Park River Forest) Fall 5:10

106 Connor Nagela (Oak Park River Forest) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) Dec 5-1

113 Jake Rundell (Oak Park River Forest) over Landon Byer (Frazee) Fall 3:23

120 Josh Ogunsanya (Oak Park River Forest) over Michael Miller (Frazee) Dec 10-3

126 Lukas Volstad (Frazee) over David Deyro (Oak Park River Forest) Fall 2:17

132 Eddie Bolivar (Oak Park River Forest) over Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) Dec 9-3

138 Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) over Taigue Thurston (Oak Park River Forest) Fall 5:26

145 Eddie Ordonez (Oak Park River Forest) over Carter Shipman (Frazee) Fall 1:41

Frazee 39, Shakopee 30

182 Logan Wacker (Frazee) over Gadiel Luna (Shakopee) Fall 1:16

195 Gabe Drewes (Frazee) Forf

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Tommy Johnson (Shakopee) Fall 3:45

285 Tanner Tappe (Frazee) over Tyler Kropiwka (Shakopee) Fall 5:57

106 Paxton Creese (Shakopee) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) TF 18-3

113 Ben Lunn (Shakopee) over Landon Byer (Frazee) Inj 3:32

120 Michael Miller (Frazee) over Seth Bakken (Shakopee) Dec 12-9

126 Max Crowe (Shakopee) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) Maj 10-2

132 Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Jacob Evans (Shakopee) Fall 3:56

138 Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) over Cole Malone (Shakopee) Dec 9-5

145 Alex Lloyd (Shakopee) over Carter Shipman (Frazee) Fall 1:53

152 Sam Webster (Shakopee) over Ricky Roforth (Frazee) Fall 0:54

160 Connor Raines (Shakopee) over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) Dec 5-3

170 Tanner Eischens (Frazee) over Joey Johnson (Shakopee) SV-1 4-2

Fifth place match

Owatonna 36, Frazee 25

170 Peyton Robb (Owatonna) over Tanner Eischens (Frazee) Fall 1:48

182 Cade King (Owatonna) over Coleton Borah (Frazee) Fall 0:58

195 Nickolas Staska (Owatonna) over Gabe Drewes (Frazee) Dec 11-5

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Parker Holton (Owatonna) DQ

285 Tony Malikowski (Frazee) over Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) Fall 2:17

106 Blake West (Owatonna) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) Fall 1:17

113 Kanin Hable (Owatonna) over Landon Byer (Frazee) Dec 6-2

120 Michael Miller (Frazee) over Kaden Nelson (Owatonna) Dec 8-4

126 Chase Dallman (Owatonna) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) Dec 5-0

132 Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Riley Becker (Owatonna) Maj 10-0

138 Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) over Trevor Schorder (Owatonna) Dec 1-0

145 Carter Shipman (Frazee) over Jerez Autridge (Owatonna) Dec 6-4

152 Cameron Roberts (Owatonna) over Ricky Roforth (Frazee) Fall 3:41

160 Parker Westphal (Owatonna) over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) Dec 5-4

Day two (Sixth bracket)

Frazee 39, Providence Catholic 23 (incl. Misconduct -1)

106 Nick Matthias (Providence Catholic) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) Dec 5-1

113 Landon Byer (Frazee) over Trenet Akre (Providence Catholic) Fall 1:29

120 Michael Miller (Frazee) over Ross Heilmich (Providence Catholic) Fall 4:31

126 Alonso Serrano (Providence Catholic) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) Dec 7-0

132 Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Matt Pirc (Providence Catholic) Fall 1:40

138 Dominick Ambrose (Providence Catholic) over Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) Dec 8-2

145 Josh Ramos (Providence Catholic) over Carter Shipman (Frazee) TF 15-0

152 Kevin Countryman (Providence Catholic) over Ricky Roforth (Frazee) Fall 2:54

160 Cole Smith (Providence Catholic) over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) Maj 14-3

170 Double Forf

182 Coleton Borah (Frazee) Forf

195 Gabe Drewes (Frazee) Forf

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Logan Anderson (Providence Catholic) Dec 8-3

285 Tanner Tappe (Frazee) over Tom Farley (Providence Catholic) Fall 0:23

Rapid City Central 36, Frazee 35 (Criteria f. Tech falls)

106 Cael Larson (Rapid City Central) over Christian Carlson (Frazee) TF 20-5

113 Landon Byer (Frazee) Forf

120 Michael Miller (Frazee) over Brendan Thompson (Rapid City Central) Fall 3:06

126 Kadyn Kraye (Rapid City Central) over Lukas Volstad (Frazee) Fall

132 Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) over TJ Morrison (Rapid City Central) Maj 10-0

138 Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) over Sean Mitchell (Rapid City Central) Fall 3:38

145 Brayden Burrus (Rapid City Central) over Carter Shipman (Frazee) Fall 3:32

152 Tanner Skaare (Rapid City Central) over Ricky Roforth (Frazee) Fall 1:52

160 Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) over Wyatt Jungclaus (Rapid City Central) Dec 3-2

170 Kolby Kost (Rapid City Central) over Logan Wacker (Frazee) Fall 1:44

182 Bridger Kraye (Rapid City Central) over Tanner Eischens (Frazee) Dec 3-0

195 Nolan Smith (Rapid City Central) over Gabe Drewes (Frazee) Dec 6-5

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Mathais Thompson (Rapid City Central) Maj 11-3

285 Tony Malikowski (Frazee) Forf

Frazee 59, Rochester Mayo 12

220 Luke Tweeton (Frazee) over Dallas Carter (Rochester Mayo) Fall 0:29

285 Noah Carter (Rochester Mayo) over Tanner Tappe (Frazee) Dec 6-3

106 Christian Carlson (Frazee) over Riku Kobayashi (Rochester Mayo) Fall 5:23

113 Landon Byer (Frazee) over Logan Burger (Rochester Mayo) Fall 0:39

120 Michael Miller (Frazee) over Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) SV-1 8-6

126 Lukas Volstad (Frazee) over Jayden Engelken (Rochester Mayo) Dec 10-4

132 Tanner Schermerhorn (Frazee) over Ethan Plonka (Rochester Mayo) Fall 1:19

138 Cade Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) over Kaden Hiemenz (Frazee) Dec 7-3

145 Carter Shipman (Frazee) over Anton Plonka (Rochester Mayo) Fall 3:28

152 Ricky Roforth (Frazee) over Ethan Smith (Rochester Mayo) Fall 0:53

160 William Krueger (Rochester Mayo) over Hudson Hiemenz (Frazee) Fall 2:53

170 Logan Wacker (Frazee) over Isaiah Lechner (Rochester Mayo) Fall 0:37

182 Tanner Eischens (Frazee) over Sam Allen (Rochester Mayo) TF 16-0

195 Gabe Drewes (Frazee) over Dedric Burger (Rochester Mayo) Fall 5:26

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