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Barbie Porter


Reporter for the Detroit Lakes Tribune and the Perham Focus.

Barbie graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in both print journalism and photojournalism from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2006.

She appreciates each opportunity to share life stories and is working to enhance feature stories with video clips and improve her photography skills.

Outside of work, Barbie spends time with family, friends and her dogs: Masuba and Jebediah. Her pastimes include writing novels and lyrics. In recent years she wrote for a Canadian musician. She is also always up for a game of chess.

Email story ideas to Barbie at

Changes in storytelling techniques, technology and much more have shaped and defined the Detroit Lakes Tribune for the past 150 years, but the paper’s mission and values have largely stayed the same.
Mike Swan, a cultural liaison for the school district, explained that the ceremony was held in honor and recognition of the Native American Studies students' many kindnesses and life accomplishments.
Whenever storms have come their way in the past, Cally Nundahl and her husband, Darby, have trusted in God to carry them through, and focused on what mattered most to them — caring for and loving their family and community. They're taking that same approach again now, as they weather their biggest storm yet — Cally's battle with cervical cancer.
Capstone projects, which are a new requirement of graduation this year but are not graded, challenge students to make a difference in their community by identifying a problem, conducting research to determine a possible solution, and then taking some sort of action on that.
Lightning may have caused house fire in Timber Creek neighborhood.
Izabella “Asher” Garcia died in late April, at age 14. Her family hopes her story will encourage other kids and teens to speak out about their own mental health struggles and prevent other families from having to endure the kind of pain they're going through.
The school held its 2022 prom this past Saturday, May 7.
Becker County students express concerns to Biden, get response
Enrichment learning supplies and incentive prizes purchased by Roosevelt Elementary PTO in Detroit Lakes
School Board Member Tom Seaworth credited the generous businesses and residents in the community who gave to the scholarship program.