The Detroit Lakes Pizza Hut has proven to deliver the goods: Out of the 6,200 Pizza Hut stores, this local one is in the top Hut 100 for deliveries.

"I was gone last year more than I was here, so those speed results are all (the employees)," said Natalee Yocom, Regional Manager (RGM) of the Detroit Lakes Pizza Hut. "They were able to still utilize everything that they've been taught and still run a fast delivery."

The Pizza Hut in Washington Square Mall has been honored by the restaurant chain with the Hut 100 award.

The Hut 100 award started last year. It's based on certain criteria like delivery speeds, inspections, and customer feedback. The RGM also has to be there for a minimum amount of time.

"I've been here for more than 9 months," Yocom said of the requirement, laughing lightly. "Twenty-seven years."

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Of those 27 years, 21 have been as the RGM, and all but two months were as some level of manager. In those 27 years of working at Pizza Hut, there is one thing that she shared that she's never done.

"I have never taken a delivery myself. I have never delivered a pizza," she said.

Yocom shared this with other Pizza Hut managers in Dallas when she was accepting another award: induction to the Fastastic Club and talking on the Fast Cast Podcast. Out of the 100 winners of the Hut 100 award, only 10 were asked to participate in the podcast and share what made their business successful.

"A lot of what makes us successful is our staff and low turnover, how we train our team, and everyone is treated like family," she said. "I can't do this by myself."

Lexi Sonnenberg, a shift manager at Pizza Hut, says Yocom plays a large part in the success.

"She's super fun to work with, she makes everybody happy, she (does) everything she can to make .... everybody's schedule work," she said. "It's just kind of a smooth job, she makes everything easy."

Macenzie Liddell agreed with Sonnenberg, adding that "she's really encouraging." Liddell also noted that she thinks "it takes a lot of hard work from everyone and a lot of everyone doing small jobs to make sure the big job gets done."

Yocom and her store have been successful for many years. They continue to win regional awards very often; the waitress station has a shelf that is fully decorated with them, and those are just the most recent ones.

"We do excel beyond all the other Pizza Huts in the upper Midwest/Tristate area," Yocom said.

While "no one out pizzas the Hut," as the commercial says, there is no Pizza Hut that out pizzas the Detroit Lakes Pizza Hut, either.