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Buildings on the rise: Three businesses building in Becker County

Holiday Stationstore is moving across the street from its current location and expected to open in mid-February. As for the old filling station location, a company by the name of 1237 Bros L.L.C. has purchased it with unnamed plans for the location. Kaysey Price/Tribune1 / 3
The lot of land kiddy corner from the Pavilion on Detroit Lakes has held many businesses over the years, but now a 69-unit hotel with nine condominiums is being built there and expexted to open this coming April. Kaysey Price/Tribune2 / 3
Absolute Ice, an ice manufacturing company out of North Tower Road is expected to open in the next couple of months. Construction was temporarily halted during the cold snap, which set the completion date back a bit. Kaysey Price/Tribune3 / 3

Detroit Lakes has seen a lot of changes lately, new buildings like the Downtown Crossing and McKinley Plaza rewriting the small-town skyline--and the changes don't seem to be coming to a halt. Three more businesses are currently being built, closing in on opening dates that are just months out.

The Holiday gas station broke ground on McKinley Avenue, just across the street from their current location back in April of this year, and the project has been going swimmingly for the corporation.

Mid-February is the projected open date for the new, company-funded $5 million filling station, which will be on a lot of land twice as large as their current location and will include a car wash--an amenity the old location just didn't have the space for.

As for the old Holiday Stationstore location, a limited liability company under the name 1237 Bros L.L.C. has purchased the building--Holiday Stationstores is simply leasing the land back until the project is complete. Whether the space will be used for corporate offices or something else is yet to be determined.

The land lot kiddy corner from the Pavilion on Detroit Lake, which has held a number of businesses over the years, now has a hotel-and-restaurant combo in the works.

In May of this year, the Detroit Lakes Tribune reported the project would take roughly a year, placing its completion date of the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott hotel another five months out.

The $12 million project by Hotel Partners LLC includes 69 units, topped by nine condominiums. A 4,000-square-foot restaurant adjoining the hotel is also expected, with still no word on the name of the food establishment the hotel plans to pair with.

Just outside of town on North Tower Road, an 11,000-square-foot ice manufacturing company is also in the works.

Owned by Randy Gravelle, Absolute Ice is expected to open within the next couple of months; however, construction was slightly delayed due to the recent cold snap.

The $2.6 million dollar project is expected to create jobs for 20 new employees and will be funded through tax-increment financing from the city.