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Coldwell Banker moves to Washington Avenue location

Coldwell Banker At The Lakes has moved locations from their former building on Highway 10 to a better-sized building on Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes. Kaysey Price/Tribune

October 1 brought big changes for Coldwell Banker in Detroit Lakes—the real estate agency moved from its Highway 10 location to a more modest location on Washington Avenue, a change Coldwell Banker's Broker/Owner, Steve Larson says just made sense.

"This (Washington location) came available; we did a remodel, and it really fits well," said Larson, who heard about the new location, which used to be a craft store, through the Freemasons, a group that Larson is a part of.

With technology changing the working world, he says realtors are spending less time in the office and more time being mobile, basically working out of their cars. Since smartphones have made realtors more easily connected to their clients, and clients have property information readily available, a smaller office space is just more practical for them because the need for office space to store physical copies of property profiles is really becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, at the old location, Larson says they were only utilizing about half of it.

"Our job is to just make the (purchase) process easy," said Larson, who added that the office is now just mainly used to sign the property agreements, since they have implemented a new online program that "helps buyers and the realtor stay in contact" more easily.

"It was good to move in that direction," said Larson.

Not only is the Washington Avenue building a better fit for the agency's needs, the in-town location also seems to be boosting clientele for the agency.

"We seem to get a lot more visitors," said Larson, adding that they are always welcome. "The coffee is always on here if people want to stop by and see the remodel."

Although, they are still unpacking boxes and have an outdoor sign scheduled to go up yet, but it was a hectic fall for all, including Larson, who moved to a new house at the same time the agency was moving to Washington Avenue.

Coincidentally, the Coldwell Banker office in Fargo also closed around that time, leaving customers wondering if the company had shut down completely.

But they're still kicking, and ready to help clients find that property that "fits well," just like Coldwell's new Washington Avenue spot.