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Bending over backwards to help: Strive chiropractic opens second location in DL

Dr. Chris Pischel, left, and founder Jake Grinaker stand in the new Strive Chiropractic Clinic in Detroit Lakes. Emily Driscoll / Tribune1 / 2
Strive Chiropractic Clinic opened their second location in Detroit Lakes last week after starting out in Fargo in 2009. / Submitted photo.2 / 2

"When you're going to school in a small town you think that you have three career options: lawyer, doctor or teacher," Strive founder Jake Grinaker said about his decision to pursue med school at an early age.

His dad suffered a major heart attack and lost his life when Jake Grinaker was 18. He said the experience was traumatizing and remembers peering across the hall of the emergency room at another family who had just lost a relative from a car accident at the same time.

That was when he started doubting his career path and asking questions like, "Holy crap, do I want to deal with this?"

The weight and the heaviness of what was going on felt like too much.

Even though that experience didn't immediately halt his goals, he later realized that there are more options as a wellness professional.

Strive Chiropractic just opened their second location on Nodaway Drive in Detroit Lakes where the General Store used to be nearly ten years after Grinaker opened the first Strive in Fargo in 2009.

The chiropractic clinic is clean like a hospital, but there is no white paint or framed portraits of flowers that have faded over the years. They have really spruced up the old General Store into a homey place where back pain meets its maker.

Dr. Jake Grinaker said that he had a vision, and it was to open a clinic that didn't feel like a clinic, a brand of chiropractic unlike any other.

Grinaker added another facet of caring for patients that not all clinics enforce: approaching patients as a team. He said the doctors like to sit down and look at patients' scans and paperwork together and then determine the best approach.

After success in Fargo, Grinaker thought an expansion was in order. He is originally from Detroit Lakes, and Dr. Chris Pischel's fiancee lives here, so naturally they set forth east to lake land.

As a chiropractor and partner in the DL office, Dr. Chris Pischel looks forward to seeing patients after beginning at the new location last week.

Pischel's career started as a patient of Grinaker's. He came in with some persistent lower back pain that was ultimately affecting his overall well being. After experiencing rapid improvement with Grinaker, he realized that he wanted to pursue the same profession and later became an intern for Grinaker, and now partner.

"It's not just about pain control but about overall functionality," Pischel said. "When you're functioning well, everything else just starts working better.

For example, Pischel said that someone who goes in for back pain may also notice improvement with gastrointestinal problems.

"Jake really turned my course as far as what I wanted to do (for a living)," Pischel said.

Grinaker likes to emphasize other lifestyle components for improvement when their patients come in, noting that habits, diet, exercise, etc. all play a role in overall wellness.

"Yeah we help you through what you're feeling, but unfortunately we can't bubble wrap you before you leave, so we want to help you be proactive instead of reactive," Grinaker said.

He explained that their patients will often return even when their issues subside because the visits improve their mood and much more than the back pain they came to treat.

The doctors agreed that most people come in for headaches, back pain, or numbness in arms or legs. Also, 40 percent of their patients at the Fargo location are children, and they predict they will see similar numbers in Detroit Lakes.

"We leave with more energy than when we go to work with because we're seeing health and life every day and helping people," Grinaker said.

Children who are colic, autistic or who suffer from ear infections can be treated at Strive. "It's not necessarily a lot of construction workers coming in with back pain," Grinaker said, adding that it is mostly younger families benefiting from the care.

"It's wellness care," he said. "We keep people well."

Grinaker said that patients at the clinic will normally have two initial consultation appointments to get scans done and establish a treatment plan.

The clinic is located at 1852 Nodaway Drive in Detroit Lakes.