The Trophy House has a fresh new look after moving to a new location on Randolph Road.

The new building at 1004 Randolph Road has double the space of the last one, which has allowed owners Eric and Jolene Tulius to get creative with their showroom and make some upgrades.

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"We're going to try to grow the business a little bit more. We upgraded some equipment, so we can service better," said Eric.

At the last location, Eric says one of their biggest struggles-and something that was making them less efficient than they wanted to be-was lack of space. Often times, there wasn't enough work space for multiple projects to be going at once, and there certainly wasn't a garage like there is at the new location.

"That has been a huge blessing," said Jolene, referring to the garage space where Eric is able to pull cars in, so he can put logos on them, as well as work on other larger projects. "He's always had to work out in the elements or ask to borrow garages if it's raining."

"We did what we had to do to get by," added Eric. "Hopefully now, trying to get everything under one roof, we're going to be able to be on top of things a little better and also do more."

The transition wasn't easy. The last month or so has been a little hectic, getting everything transferred over to the new place, but Jolene says things have been going smoothly so far. They just have a little more setup to do and their showroom will be complete. As for the equipment, though, it's all up and running and ready to rock, some of it being an upgrade from the last place.

"We went from a 30-inch printer to a 54(-inch)," said Eric, adding, "It's one of the better printers on the market, only one like it of that particular model in this area."

The bigger printer has allowed them to create larger images for signs and such, as well as increased the speed and quality of the projects they print.

There have been other upgrades, too, with a new UV laminator now on the premises, which allows them to lay vinyl on different surfaces and provide a UV-resistant coating, creating an image that holds up longer against fading.

Some other changes may be in store for the Trophy House as well. Eric says within the next year or so they would like to get a website going that would allow customers to order online. They have a website now that features a catalog of the things they can make, but he says they'd like to clean it up and streamline it.

In the meantime, though, it's all about getting things up and running at the new place.

"Eventually, I'd like to have more things when people come in they can just buy right off our shelves," said Jolene.

"Right now, typically, if you order a plaque, you don't walk in, purchase it, and walk out with it," added Eric. "You know, we have a time period for ordering the materials and fabricating the item, so we're hoping now we're going to be able to provide some of that stuff in the showroom area, where there will be pre-built plaques." The idea is that the materials will be on hand, so a customer can come in, pick out a mug or a sweatshirt-whatever they have stocked in their showroom-and the person will be able to pick out a logo or engraving that can then be placed on the piece and taken home by the client that day. Items that are personalized for weddings like groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts or items for the holiday season are what they hope to offer, a way to add a personal touch to a gift. They've been engraving items for some time at the Trophy House; it's just that they are hoping to offer more of it and at a faster pace than they were able to before.

"We're hoping to be able to have a quicker turnaround on those items, so if you want a name on a mug, you can call ahead or come back a half an hour later to pick it up. We can do that for you as long as it's in low quantities," said Eric.

Whatever it is, Eric and Jolene are excited to help people personalize gifts and help businesses create logos, signs, uniforms, business cards, what have you-they do much more than trophies, and they're happy to experiment on new ways to personalize.

"A couple of years ago, we put our pumpkins right into the laser printer," said Jolene, adding, "It's been fun experimenting with it. I like unique things, and I really love personalized things."

They've done it all from signs to engraved fishing lures.

"You know, it's just fun. Every day is a little bit different. We never know what request is going to walk in the door, and we love it," said Jolene.

After a few more finishing touches are places on the showroom, Jolene says they are hoping to have an open house soon at their new location.