FARGO - David Elliott is counting on a more dynamic, modern marketing strategy to help Haggard Hockey’s carbon fiber sticks score big with the region’s hockey players.

Elliott is working to get the sticks into more retail outlets, recently set up a website, and is focusing on youth players as the firm’s chief target audience - an aggressive shift from selling sticks to adult league players out of the back of cars.

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Elliott's eventual goal is to expand the firm’s offerings to include a broader range of hockey equipment and accessories.

“We’re really focusing on the youth,” said Elliott, who joined Haggard as director of operations in June. “It’s been pretty good results so far.”

The sticks are being sold online and at The Hockey Office in Moorhead and Play It Again Sports in Fargo. Elliott said he’s working to get them into another “big local retailer” and expand sales to Grand Forks, too.

Before, “you had to know one of the owners to get a stick,” Elliott said.

CH Trade, LLC, at 1102 Page Drive in Fargo, is the parent company of Haggard Hockey, Elliott said. CH Trade is owned by Chris Harris of West Fargo.

Elliott did not share Haggard Hockey’s sales figures.

According to Statista, 2017 manufacturer (wholesale) sales of ice hockey equipment in the U.S. included $63.4 million for sticks, $64.9 million for skates, $105.3 million for protective gear and $25.3 million for other hockey-related items.

Haggard Hockey’s sticks are made in China. The firm has been selling them since 2015.

According to the Haggard Hockey website, there are now three models: youth, adult and elite. The youth stick sells for $80, the adult stick for $125, and the elite stick for $150, with options on flexibility for the adult and elite sticks.

“We’re putting it at a good price point,” Elliott said.

There’s even better news ahead for online bargain hunters: anytime on Black Friday through Cyber Monday shoppers can go to haggardhockey.com to buy junior sticks for $55, adult sticks for $75 and elite sticks for $90, according to the firm’s Facebook page.

Elliott said Haggard Hockey will expand its offerings for 2019 with youth, junior, intermediate, adult and “Air” sticks. The “Air” model “will be one of the lightest sticks produced,” he said. The youth sticks will be mostly blue in color, and the adult sticks will be mostly chrome in color, a change from the all-black sticks now offered.

The new designs will have “the newest, latest technology. I’m excited to see how they’ll be received,” Elliott said.