After over a decade in the Washington Square Mall, Thrifty White Pharmacy is taking a big step and moving to a new location, which is currently being built at 321 Highway 10 West, a block west of the post office in Detroit Lakes.

"We've been in Washington Square Mall since 2006. That property served us very well," said Tim Erdle, EVP of store operations.

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The new location will have a few features, though, the potential of which lured them out of their old location.

"The need to have a drive through...and the easy convenience of people being able to park right at our front door," said Erdle, listing some of the reasons they decided to build a new pharmacy.

Thrifty White will now be able to compete with the other drive-through pharmacy in Detroit Lakes, making the process of getting medications that much speedier for customers. Erdle says people will be able to drive up and drop off their prescription and then come back through a while later to pick it up.

For customers who are on maintenance medications, like drugs that treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the like, Erdle says the process is seamless because their prescriptions are already filled. All customers will need to do is drive up and pick up, if they are enrolled in their medical synchronization program.

"Thrifty White is a national leader in medication synchronization, which allows you to have all of your maintenance prescriptions filled and ready for you on one day each month," read a release from the company. "This leads to much better medication adherence and health improvement. The profession of pharmacy is changing, and this new location will allow Thrifty White to help lead that change."

On the interior, the new pharmacy will be roughly the same size as the old one, so there won't need to be changes in staff. However, the layout will be a little different.

"The big thing here is we devoted a lot more space to the pharmacy side of it for patient care," said Erdle.

The pharmacy will be in "kiosk format" with kiosks clearly marked for drop off and pick up. Then, there will also be "health and wellness rooms" off to the side, where people will be able to get immunizations and receive a more private consultation and comprehensive medication reviews from the pharmacist if need be. Erdle says the rooms will also be used for any biometric screenings they will do for patients.

"The rooms are really meant to augment the pharmacy services that we offer," he said.

The new building on Highway 10 is currently being built, but it's expected to be complete by early March of 2019. Until then, operations will continue at their Washington Square Mall.