"Boudoir is, I think, often misunderstood. People kind of think 'Oh, you take pornographic pictures or, like, sexy photos', when really it's so much more than that," explained Ashley Schiller, owner of her own boudoir photography business, Boudoir by Anais, which is based in Detroit Lakes.

Schiller says to her, boudoir isn't about being racy or risque. It's about giving women-and men, known as dudeoir-an experience that they won't forget and making them proud of their bodies in a way they might otherwise not get to be.

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"These are women who are often mothers, grandmothers," said Schiller. "We don't always think of ourselves as sexy or beautiful. We get kind of in that rut."

With boudoir-or at least the way Schiller runs her boudoir photoshoots-the models are "pampered." They're sit in a chair for hair and makeup, are given champagne and dressed up well before they're being photographed "in their skivvies."

"I've bonded with several women-women I maybe never ever would have talked to outside of this but, like, you go through that experience together. It's really cool. They're being vulnerable, probably doing something they've never done before and might not ever do again, and it bonds you," said Schiller.

She says a great majority of the women she photographs are still nervous, but it's something both the client and she work through.

"I do think flexibility is key. I don't like to say no to people. I'm always like, 'Ok, I'll think about that. Let's see how we can make this work," said Schiller, but she's never had an issue.

In fact, she says she has had nothing but good feedback so far. She's watched women become more confident with their bodies, and she says that's the most rewarding part for her.

"The best part of my job is when I get to show the woman her pictures," said Schiller, explaining that a second meetup to do the photo reveal after the photoshoot is part of the deal. "I'm not kidding. Nine times out of 10, they are like, 'That's me?' Because we all walk around thinking we're not photogenic because of selfies."

Schiller went on what she later referred to as a "selfie rant," explaining that taking photos with good lighting, makeup, hair, attire, and a good lense makes all the difference. Plus, Schiller has experience behind the camera, as well as in front of it, which doesn't hurt. Schiller was a professional model in her 20's, which is how she eventually ended up taking boudoir shots. She says it's all kind of a funny story. She started assisting photographers who were taking photos of her and, before she knew it, she was on the other side of the camera. Then she stumbled upon boudoir photos while just Google searching photography, and she was hooked.

"I had never heard of it (boudoir) or knew it was a thing, so I clicked on it, and I was like, 'I could do this," she recalled.

She made it her own, though. Schiller says she remembers seeing a lot of similar shots in the boudoir portfolios that she looked over-similar poses, similar outfits, similar settings-which seemed boring to her.

"In my opinion, there was a big void of unique pictures," she explained, adding that she likes to use things around her and use the elements, particularly the outdoors. "I always tell girls bring as many props as you want, as much lingerie. I also have lingerie they can borrow."

Schiller says she works with whatever she can get, making each photoshoot unique to the person she is photographing.

"I always say I don't do one-size-fits-all photography. Each of my sessions are tailored to that specific individual. I let them inspire me, and I think it shows in their pictures," said Schiller.

Schiller has her own studio where she welcomes clients for shoots. She also shoots on site at clients' houses. She travels all over the region, as far as Fargo, Pelican Rapids, Alexandria, and other surrounding areas. She does single shoots, maternity shoots, couples shoots, and boudoir parties.

"A boudoir party is basically I and my glam team show up at your place and your girlfriends all get your hair and makeup done while you're eating or drinking or doing whatever. Then, one by one, you come into wherever I am and do a 30-minute, mini-session-private," she explained.